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After the anti-corrosion layer is completely dry, open a suitable window on the anti-corrosion layer, and accurately measure and record the size of the window(100 grit aluminum oxide media). The concentration of the etchant remains unchanged, and the temperature of the etchant is changed(100 grit aluminum oxide). This method is mainly to test the corrosion liquid In the case of a certain concentration, the effect of corrosion temperature on the etching rate and side etching rate. 

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The corrosion depth of h2 is 1.5mm(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), and the horizontal corrosion amount under the layer is: A2=1.5×0.678=1.017, which is 1.02. After the specified time is corroded (set the etching time as t, unit: min), take out the parts, clean them, remove the anti-corrosion layer, bake for ten, and then accurately measure the corrosion depth and after corrosion The window size(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The influence of etchant concentration changes on the etching rate and side etching rate.

(high quality aluminium oxide powder factory mexico)Both the corrosion depth and the amount of side corrosion can be accurately obtained through experiments(46 grit aluminum oxide). In order to further illustrate the calculation process, set: h=2.36mm, etching time t=46min, D=56.6mm, Dl=59.8mm; then, A=( D1-D)/2=1.6mm; side erosion rate F=1.6/2.36=0.678. From these experimental data, the optimal etchant concentration range and temperature variation range are selected(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). Etching speed=h/1, unit: mm/min; side etching rate F*A/h.

is available, etching speed=h/t=2.36/46=0.0513mm/min(glass beads manufacturers). If this work is to obtain more accurate data, multiple test pieces can be used for testing at the same time. During the test, it can be divided into two parts: the temperature is constant, the concentration of the corrosive is changed, and the range of change is ±10%, ±15%, and ±20% of the central value(120 grit aluminum oxide). This method is mainly to test at a constant temperature.(high quality aluminium oxide powder factory mexico)

Because under normal conditions, the etching speed increases or decreases by a factor of about 12°C for every change in temperature, so the variation range is ±3°C, ±6°C, ±9°C of the central value(garnet abrasive price). After obtaining the above corrosion experiment data, the design of the multi-step corrosion process shown in Example 5 can be carried out based on these data(240 grit aluminum oxide). Put people in the corrosive solution to carry out the corrosion experiment.

(high quality aluminium oxide powder factory mexico)Pass the above two aspects of the test, it will be completed after three times of corrosion(glass bead abrasive). In the process of completing these three corrosions, there are two ways to choose: first corrosion h1, then corrosion A2, and finally h3; first corrosion h3, then h2, and finally hl. In this method, the method in Example 4 above can be used for design(1200 grit aluminum oxide), because each corrosion can be seen as a repetition of the simple corrosion method shown in the above example.

It is obviously not enough to use the data of Method 1 as the basis(steel shot abrasive), because during the corrosion process, the geometrical changes of the edge of the steps must be further associated. The detailed process is as follows: the parts are first subjected to degreasing treatment to remove all kinds of dirt on the surface of the parts(aluminum oxide blast media), and to ensure that the surface of the parts has excellent adhesion to the anti-corrosion layer.

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