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From the test of iron-based sequential chromizing aluminum(white alumina grit), it is known that the addition of aluminum accelerates the diffusion of chromium and increases the depth of chromium diffusion, thereby reducing its concentration in the surface of the layer; and due to the presence of chromium, It slows down the diffusion of aluminum and reduces the depth of aluminum diffusion(brown fused alumina for sale), thereby increasing the concentration of aluminum in the infiltration layer.

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Although the interstitial diffusion mechanism is easy to occur (the energy required is small), it is only applicable to the elements that form interstitial solid solutions with iron(brown fused alumina bfa grade a manufaturer). Research shows that chemical heat treatment is achieved by the decomposition of chemical penetrants to produce active atoms that are absorbed by the surface of the steel part(aluminum oxide sandblast media), and then diffuse into the workpiece through the movement of the absorbed atoms.

(high quality aluminium oxide powder factory poland)When the elements contained in the penetrating agent form solid solutions or intermetallic compounds with greater solubility(white aluminum oxide non-skid grit), the activity of each component in the penetrating agent does not change, and the depth of the diffusion layer changes smoothly with the content of each element in the penetrating agent(white corundum powder). It is common in the diffusion of carbon and nitrogen in metals, and does not belong to the scope of metal infiltration.

The diffusion process during percolation mainly adopts two mechanisms, namely, the vacancy mechanism and the displacement mechanism(white aluminum oxide sand). Because a small amount of boron is dissolved in the transition zone, it slows down the precipitation of ferrite during the cooling process of the steel(aluminum oxide polishing powder). Therefore, the boron-containing steel has a small eutectoid carbon concentration, so the pearlite structure is easily formed in the transition layer of infiltration.(high quality aluminium oxide powder factory poland)

The phase structure and the amount of FeB and Fe2B contained in the infiltrated layer are not only related to the permeation method and permeation specifications (temperature, time), but also to the chemical composition of the base material(white fused alumina make company). Effect on the boronized layer The carbon content does not affect the phase composition(white grain aluminum oxide a 220). The dissolved infiltrant atoms migrate to the adjacent lattice vacancies, and the vacancies move in the opposite direction.

(high quality aluminium oxide powder factory poland)The composition of the permeation layer mainly depends on the boron potential in the solvent medium(aluminium oxide for blasting). However, the carbon content can affect the thickness of the FeB layer of iron boride in the boronized layer. The higher the carbon content, the thinner the FeB layer in the boronized layer(brown corundum powder). However, the law of multi-element co-infiltration is not exactly the same as the law of unit infiltration, because the infiltrated elements affect each other.

The process of generating active atoms generates active atoms through chemical reactions or uses some physical methods to increase the activity of atoms to be penetrated and supply them to the surface of the base metal(brown fused alumina for abrasive). The process of generating active atoms of the permeating agent metal varies depending on the permeating method. Boron aluminum does not form intermetallic compounds(aluminum oxide powder), so the thickness of the infiltration layer can be guaranteed.

Effect on the aluminized layer Aluminum is a non-carbide forming element(aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor). In the process of infiltration, the addition of C, Mo, W can reduce the thickness of the infiltrated layer. Ni, Co, Mn can increase the thickness of the inverted layer, while Si, Al The influence of Cr and Cr is between the two(white aluminium oxide grit suppliers), which shows that there is indeed a problem of mutual influence between the infiltrated elements in the process of multi-element co-infiltration.(high quality aluminium oxide powder factory poland)

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