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High Quality Aluminium Oxide Suppliers Zimbabwe

If you can't get rid of it during operation, please get rid of it quickly with the assistance of nearby personnel(high quality aluminium oxide suppliers zimbabwe); after rescued, immediately rinse the possible injured area with clean water, small area, mild high temperature burns, if there is no blistering, peeling, but the skin is red and burnt When it feels hot, it should be rinsed with clean cold water immediately(corundum sand). 

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According to the nature and combustion of chemicals, it is necessary to use water for those who can use water and those who cannot (such as heavy oil and molten salt), never use water(aluminum oxide 80 90 grit), distinguish the situation, and effectively use fire-fighting equipment to put out the fire(high quality aluminium oxide suppliers zimbabwe). After the emergency doctor arrives, he should inform the doctor in detail of the cause of the injury and the education and care measures that have been taken.

If the power supply cannot be cut off for the time being, non-conductive fire extinguishers can be used to put out the fire(aluminum oxide abrasive media), such as carbon dioxide, dry powder fire extinguishers, etc(high quality aluminium oxide suppliers zimbabwe). To make the shocked person out of the electric body, the rescuer must first ensure that they are not injured(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The complete conditions of insulated shoes quickly make the person who gets an electric shock get rid of the live parts.

Quickly get rid of the high temperature (liquid) body and the alkaline liquid environment(high quality aluminium oxide suppliers zimbabwe). If bleeding is found, hemostatic measures should be taken quickly, and the wound can be ligated at the proximal end of the wound, but it should be loosened every half an hour to avoid tissue necrosis(alumina sand). In short, before the arrival of the doctor in the emergency center, you should do your best to help yourself to minimize the injury.

If there is a power switch nearby, the method should be used to cut off the power(steel grid); if there is no power switch nearby, you should look for dry wood, planks and other insulating materials, and pick up the charged objects; if you can quickly call the nearby electrician, the electrician can use his own insulating gloves(high quality aluminium oxide suppliers zimbabwe). If there is a cut-off injury, you should look for the cut-off part and keep it properly(aluminium oxide abrasive grit). 

The technician is responsible for handling and providing technical support at the accident site of key targets such as hazardous chemicals storage and hazard source points(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit), handling and providing technical support at the accident site of pressure vessels and special equipment, and the on-site commander in chief of the emergency response team is responsible for on-site organization(high quality aluminium oxide suppliers zimbabwe). 

In case of casualty accident, the person in charge of the post shall immediately organize the employees to carry out effective and safe rescue(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit), call "120" to request the medical unit for rescue, inform "120" of the unit and location of the accident, and send personnel to meet the "120" rescuers at the intersection(high quality aluminium oxide suppliers zimbabwe). Arterial bleeding should be stopped by applying finger pressure to the anterior segment of the artery. 

Observe the condition of the heavy plate blanking funnel(aluminium oxide blasting). If there is mud and ore accumulation, adjust the amount of flushing water in the funnel, or clean up the mud and ore accumulation with high-pressure water(high quality aluminium oxide suppliers zimbabwe). When chemicals are on fire, it is not allowed to put out the fire blindly(aluminum oxide abrasive powder). After the personnel are rescued immediately, check the possible injuries and stop the bleeding (the bleeding measures should be taken quickly. 

After the management department and the emergency rescue headquarters of safety and fire accidents receive the safety and fire accident report, any unit and individual are obliged to participate in the rescue and disaster relief of safety and fire accidents(high quality aluminium oxide suppliers zimbabwe). Falling from a high altitude not only causes external injuries, but also internal injuries(garnet sand). Observe the operation of the screw shaft and the temperature of the main bearing bush. 

Each team shall organize the staff to carefully study and master the contents(white aluminum oxide 80 grit), relevant measures and responsibilities of the plan, and regularly organize drills to ensure that the emergency rescue of safety fire accidents can be carried out in an orderly manner in accordance with the requirements of the plan in case of emergency(high quality aluminium oxide suppliers zimbabwe). If the wounded is found to have respiratory disorder, artificial respiration shall be carried out.

Therefore(240 grit aluminum oxide blast media), even if the person feels good about the electric shock, they should not continue to work(high quality aluminium oxide suppliers zimbabwe). This plan explains that the mining area organizes and implements emergency rescue work for possible safety and fire accidents, and assists the superior relevant departments in accident investigation and handling(120 grit aluminum oxide). Quickly remove the surrounding falling objects and obstacles that may continue to cause danger. 

If there is obvious runout and abnormal sound, or the main bearing bush of the screw shaft is heated(aluminum oxide grit blasting). When the temperature is 50 ℃, increase the lubrication frequency(high quality aluminium oxide suppliers zimbabwe). After increasing the lubrication (30min later), if the heating condition is still not relieved, make records and report to the team leader or the adjustment room(black silicon carbide). The point inspector will go to the site to verify and agree on the next treatment opinions.

After the occurrence of casualty and injury accident, the team (post) and relevant members in the place where the accident occurs must strictly protect the accident site, and quickly take necessary measures to rescue personnel and property(high quality aluminium oxide suppliers zimbabwe). Do not move or shake the injured person's body quickly(aluminum oxide blasting grit). can be ligated at the proximal end of the wound, but it should be loosened every half an hour to avoid tissue necrosis. 

When it is necessary to move on-site objects due to rescuing the wounded and preventing the expansion of the accident, signs must be made(46 grit aluminum oxide), detailed records and accident site map must be drawn, and important traces and physical evidence on the site must be properly kept(high quality aluminium oxide suppliers zimbabwe). The personnel quickly picked up the vehicle at the intersection and led the ambulance to the scene quickly from the road with driving conditions.

Emergency After getting rid of the charged body, the person who gets an electric shock should be given first aid on the spot, unless Zhou Guo is narrow, wet, and does not have the conditions for rescue, he can be moved to another place(100 grit aluminum oxide). Set aside a passage for emergency doctors so that they can reach the wounded as soon as possible(high quality aluminium oxide suppliers zimbabwe). The relevant personnel present quickly cut off the mechanical power supply. 

Arterial bleeding should be stopped by applying finger pressure to the anterior segment of the artery(green silicon carbide). The adverse effects of the electric shock will not be manifested immediately(high quality aluminium oxide suppliers zimbabwe). It lies flat, keeps quiet, and at the same time ensures that the surrounding air is circulated, and the doctor decides whether further treatment is needed(aluminium oxide sand). Several people should hold the injured person's body flat, and slowly place it on a flat ground.

Each team should strengthen the publicity and education of safety and fire protection in accordance with their respective responsibilities, raise the awareness of employees to prevent safety and clearance accidents, and implement effective preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of various safety and fire accidents(aluminium oxide blast media). In case of fire of electrical equipment, power shall be cut off first and then put out the fire(high quality aluminium oxide suppliers zimbabwe).

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