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High Quality Aluminium Oxide Wholesale Suppliers Sweden

The resin with good heat resistance is not easy to soften in the grinding process(brown fused alumina), and has a good control ability for abrasive particles, so the abrasive particles will not fall off too early: the durability of abrasive tools is good. For example, polyimide resin has very high heat resistance and mechanical strength, but its softening point is very high and insoluble in solvent(aluminum oxide grit), so it is difficult to wet the abrasive at room temperature, and it cannot be made into a plastic mixture.

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On the contrary, the resin softens quickly under the action of grinding heat, the abrasive particles fall off early, and the wear resistance of abrasive tools is poor(brown aluminum oxide). Its adhesive ability is very good, but its heat resistance is poor, and the abrasives made of it are not durable, so its application range is limited(synthetic corundum). Therefore, from this point of view, the other properties of a resin are very good, and if the heat resistance is very poor, its use value will be greatly reduced.

There are several methods to determine the heat resistance of resin(brown aluminium oxide): one is to make a sample without any filler material or a certain amount of filler, and measure its martin heat resistance or Vicat heat resistance temperature; the other is to measure its heat loss temperature; the other is to make a grinding wheel with the same conditions for grinding test, and compare its durability(emery abrasive). The moderate crosslinking of molecular chains can strengthen the connection of molecules.

The mechanical properties of the resin are determined by its molecular structure(silicon carbide abrasive), which is closely related to the main valence force of the molecular chain in the resin (i.e. the covalent binding between the molecular chain and the molecular chain), the intermolecular Gravitation (i.e. van der Waals force and hydrogen bond) and the flexibility of the macromolecular chain(garnet abrasive). It has good process performance, is convenient for processing and production.

For thermosetting resins, they all belong to the body structure(green silicon carbide). Under the influence of external forces, the molecular chains can still be arranged in rows and bear external forces together, which improves the tensile strength, compressive strength and hardness(garnet suppliers). However, if the crosslinking is too high, it will make the molecular chain not easy to straighten and thus can not bear the external force evenly, and the tensile strength will decrease instead.

A resin, if it is difficult to find a way to mix with abrasives, then it is very unlikely to act as a binder(black silicon carbide). It has good mechanical properties. The selected method is to make sample blocks under the same conditions, measure their tensile strength, compressive strength, impact strength and hardness, and comprehensively consider the results and other properties(steel grid). Technological performance refers to the technological requirements suitable for the production of abrasive tools.

For example, whether the resin and abrasive are easy to mix, whether the molding performance of the mixture is good, whether the curing is convenient and so on(aluminum oxide abrasive). It mainly refers to the tensile strength, compressive strength, hardness, impact strength and flexural strength of the resin itself. It is better to polymerize in thermoplastic resin(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The resin is required to have good wetting effect on the abrasives, so as to make the mixture with plasticity.

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