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High Quality Aluminum Oxide 24 Grit Suppliers Italy

This testing machine is mainly used to study the bearing capacity of lubricating oil and grease and the friction and wear properties of various materials(steel grid). The capacitive profiler has complex structure and poor stability, which is rarely used; the inductive profiler has stable performance and high precision, using scanning electron microscope(black aluminum oxide blast media), transmission electron microscope,while the piezoelectric profiler is simple and easy to use.

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Such as stress and stress analysis, material performance test, microstructure inspection, non-destructive testing, etc.(brown fused alumina); X-ray diffractometer and other analytical instruments to carry out micro analysis on the surface or sub surface of wear parts, and carry out simulation test on wear testing machine or bench(100 grit aluminum oxide white). It is mainly used for the wear test of various metal materials to determine the anti-wear performance of metal materials under various friction conditions. 

(high quality aluminum oxide 24 grit suppliers italy)Because the wear is the result of the interaction between the surface and the surface(brown aluminum oxide), the surface, subsurface and debris analysis should be paid attention to in the wear failure analysis. For example, metallographic observation and hardness distribution test of vertical section and inclined section should also pay attention to the degree of plastic deformation and the change of microstructure during wear(carborundum grit). Further experimental analysis. Macroscopic examination.

It should be noted that the surface analysis technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and the functions of various surface analyzers have been greatly increased(brown aluminium oxide), and the performance has also been greatly improved. Investigate and study the failure background and collect the original data. With the development of wear particle analysis technology and equipment(carborundum abrasives), it is possible to analyze the wear debris qualitatively and quantitatively.(high quality aluminum oxide 24 grit suppliers italy)

The outer diameter of the sample is 30 ~ 50 mm and the thickness is 10 mm(garnet abrasive); the rotation speed of the lower sample is 200 R / min, and the upper sample is 180 R / min; the maximum load on the sample is 2000 n. The wear product is the final result of material wear process, which comprehensively reflects the mechanical, physical and chemical actions of material in the wear process(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The following is only a brief introduction to spectral analysis and ferrography analysis.

(high quality aluminum oxide 24 grit suppliers italy)Such as wear surface morphology, surface film, surface material composition, structure and structure, and changes in wear process, hardness and so on(garnet suppliers). In a sense, it reflects the cause and mechanism of wear more directly than the wear surface. The results are helpful for the comprehensive analysis of the structure and properties(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The surface wear morphology was observed and analyzed by naked eye, magnifying glass and stereomicroscope.

Spectral analysis is a method to determine the structure and chemical composition of a substance by the principle of spectroscopy(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Spectral oil analysis is used to determine the substances (including the types and contents of wear debris and other pollutants) in machine lubricating oil, so as to understand the wear process and change, chemical composition analysis of parts(low sodium white fused alumina), and can be used as a means of monitoring, forecasting and diagnosing the wear status of machine parts.

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