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The difference of carbon concentration between liquid phase and graphite interface and between liquid phase and austenite interface continued to exist(brown fused alumina micropowder). The chemical potential gradient in liquid phase made carbon atoms diffuse. Carbon atoms in liquid phase near graphite interface were saturated, and graphite grew further(100 grit aluminum oxide white). Supercooling caused by dynamic factors is often called physical supercooling or thermal supercooling.

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The Fe atoms in liquid phase near the interface between austenite and liquid phase are supersaturated, and austenite continues to crystallize until the eutectic transformation is completed(aluminum oxide blasting grit). This phenomenon can lead to the change of solidification interface morphology and solidification structure morphology(carborundum grit). The cooling rate, crystallization environment, crystallization conditions and alloy properties have a direct influence on the undercooling capacity.(high quality aluminum oxide 320 grit manufacturers usa)

When the hypereutectic hot metal is cooled to the temperature below the liquidus, the carbon concentration exceeds the eutectic equilibrium concentration(carborundum abrasives). The free energy of supercooled molten iron is higher than that of liquid phase and graphite equilibrium. The initial precipitation temperature of primary austenite and its growth temperature interval are important factors affecting the microstructure of cast iron(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). The difference between the two temperatures is called subcooling.

(high quality aluminum oxide 320 grit manufacturers usa)If the nucleation conditions of graphite in liquid phase are suitable, primary graphite will be precipitated(white aluminium oxide blasting media). In the cooling process, the phenomenon that the actual phase transformation temperature is lower than the equilibrium transformation temperature is called "supercooling"(120 grit aluminum oxide). The free energy difference between the new phase and the parent phase is the driving force of phase transformation, which promotes the phase transformation.

When the hot metal is subcooled below the liquidus temperature(brown aluminum oxide grit), the free energy of liquid phase with composition e (c) is higher than that of the equilibrium mixture of liquid phase and austenite phase 9 from the free energy composition curve. The difference is the thermodynamic driving force for austenite precipitation(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The solidification of Hypoeutectic gray cast iron generally begins with the precipitation of primary austenite.(high quality aluminum oxide 320 grit manufacturers usa)

The initial precipitation temperature of primary austenite in industrial cast iron generally deviates from the corresponding equilibrium temperature of iron carbon silicon alloy(aluminium oxide material for blasting). In addition to thermal undercooling, there may also be a "composition supercooling" phenomenon which depends on the crystallization properties and solute diffusion properties of the alloy(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The difference of free energy is the thermodynamic driving force for graphite precipitation.

(high quality aluminum oxide 320 grit manufacturers usa)If the solidification conditions promote the alloy to transform in a stable system, the liquid phase will be transformed into austenite + graphite(brown aluminum oxide sand). The undercooling of the composition can promote the nucleation of the melt at the position where the supercooling is the largest(low sodium white fused alumina), and separate out the solid phase and grow (generally called internal growth). The initial precipitation temperature of primary austenite (liquidus of Hypoeutectic gray cast iron).

The solidification structure of cast iron is very sensitive to the amount of hot undercooling(white aluminum oxide rubbing compound). When the liquid iron is subcooled to Fe Fe and the transformation begins below the eutectic temperature of C phase diagram, cementite austenite eutectic (white cast iron structure) will be produced; when it is subcooled to lower than Fe-C (graphite) eutectic temperature and higher than Fe Fe(150 grit aluminum oxide), C phase diagram eutectic temperature will produce graphite austenite eutectic (gray cast iron structure).

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