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In the actual test process(white fused alumina), the increase in the content of the aluminum supply agent will increase the thickness of the infiltration layer, but the influence of aluminum powder on the compactness of the infiltration layer is second. turning agent is the main factor that affects the comprehensive performance index of the infiltration layer(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). The thickness of the layer reached 47um after testing. The thickness values of the nine groups are similar.

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Appropriately reducing its dosage is beneficial to the density of the infiltration layer, so A2 is selected as aluminum powder The best content(silicon carbide abrasive). It can be seen from the above analysis that, considering the effects of compactness, phase composition, and thickness of the permeated layer, under the condition of ensuring the compactness and phase composition(garnet abrasive), the thickness of the permeated layer only needs to reach 30um~50um.(high quality aluminum oxide 500 grit factory mexico)

The optimal solution is A2B3C2D3, that is, aluminum powder is 6wt%, borax is 24t%, activator is 3wt%, and filler graphite is 15wt%(green silicon carbide). Combined with the comprehensive balance method, it can be seen that the activator is the main factor in each index than the filler(white fused alumina for refractory). Therefore, under the test conditions, the primary and secondary order of the influence of the composition of the green agent on the performance is BACD, that is, borax-aluminum powder-activator- Filler.

The optimal combination is flexible(black silicon carbide), that is, the optimal level must be selected for the main factors, and the pros and cons must be weighed for the secondary factors, and the appropriate level must be selected through comprehensive consideration. For example, the activator is the main factor that affects the phase composition, so the C3 level is selected, that is, the 5wt% activator uses the optimized formula to prepare the dense layer structure(garnet suppliers), and there are more Fe2B phases.

(high quality aluminum oxide 500 grit factory mexico)The main conditions for forming a permeable layer are(aluminum oxide abrasive): it can be seen that the optimized ointment formula can effectively improve the permeable layer structure and obtain a more ideal permeable layer structure. Carbon is enriched near the interface(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh). This is because carbon does not dissolve in the grind compound layer, and the carbon escapes from the hindered compound layer and is squeezed into the metal matrix.

To sum up, according to the analysis, the process of boron and aluminum co-infiltration is the same as other chemical heat treatments(aluminum oxide grit). Because the transition zone contains a small amount of help, it slows down the precipitation of ferrite during the cooling process of the matrix, so the boron-containing matrix has a smaller eutectoid carbon concentration(glass bead blasting media suppliers), so pearlite structure is easily formed in the boronized transition layer.(high quality aluminum oxide 500 grit factory mexico)

Zone, and the carbon concentration gradually decreases along the depth of the permeable layer(synthetic corundum). Therefore, a redistribution zone of carbon is formed under the boundary compound layer, which is carbon-rich. In order to be able to select the best penetrating agent formula, before using the orthogonal test to optimize(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting), the content of the aluminum donating agent, boron donating agent, activator and filler in the penetrating agent component is selected based on the relevant information consulted. 

(high quality aluminum oxide 500 grit factory mexico)The active atoms of the infiltrating elements should be generated and adsorbed by the surface of the workpiece and diffused into the interior(emery abrasive). The main conditions for forming the infiltrated layer are: the infiltrated element can form a solid solution or intermetallic compound with the base metal, and at the same time, the carbon element is enriched near the interface(steel grid), and the chemical reaction to generate active atoms must also meet the thermodynamic conditions.

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