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High Quality Aluminum Oxide Blasting Price Sweden

At the same time, in order to stabilize the blast furnace operation and improve the productivity, the burden must have enough strength and appropriate granularity to ensure the air permeability and smooth flow in the furnace(white corundum). Therefore, sintering technology develops rapidly and equipment tends to be large-scale(fused aluminium oxide). The agglomerate sintering furnace is the thermal equipment for the preparation of sinter and pelletizing.

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The maximum width of the modern sintering machine trolley is 5 meters, with an area of about 600 meters, and a sintering machine of 1000 meters is being developed(silicon carbide price). Modern sintering machines generally adopt technical measures such as high negative pressure, thick material layer, dense ignition and surface heat preservation(alumina grit). At the same time, the dust removal equipment is complete, and the whole production process is controlled by electronic computer.

With the large-scale of blast furnace, the demand of sinter and pellet ore is increasing(green carborundum). The device is composed of refractory body, burner and other parts, and the service temperature is generally 1100-1300 ℃. The wall and top of the igniter are generally built with bricks or high aluminum bricks(synthetic corundum price). As we all know, in the production of closed ore, lime and other substances are generally added. Under high temperature conditions, Cao can react with aluminosilicate firebrick, resulting in lining damage.

Therefore, the bottom of the furnace wall is heavily affected by chemical erosion, and alkaline bricks can be selected(silicon carbide companies). When damaged, it can be easily replaced within a few hours of regular shutdown maintenance without affecting production(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight). Therefore, the quality of agglomerates is good, the production is high, the operating environment is good and the labor intensity is low, and the heat energy is well used, which can save fuel.

At present, the igniters of sintering machines in the United States, Germany and other countries generally use high alumina fire-resistant plastic or castable with Al2O3 content of about 73%(arc fused alumina). The furnace lining is poured and rammed on site, and the application effect is good; Some sinter ignitor roofs in China are hoisted with refractory castable prefabricated components(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Its types include shaft furnace, linear sintering machine and belt sintering machine.

The inner lining of hot air pipe, air box and cooling cover of sintering machine shall be used at 1000 ℃ and 550 ℃ respectively(white fused alumina). The inner lining of ignitor of sintering machine in Zan steel and other units in China is generally hoisted by fire-resistant concrete with prefabricated components. Around the burner on the furnace top, etc. The construction speed is fast(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). There is a big gap between China's sintering technology and equipment and foreign countries.

Generally, wheel fire-resistant spraying coating or refractory castable with a unit weight of 250kg / m shall be used(fused alumina). During construction, firstly weld the tortoise shell or wire mesh on the inner surface of the steel shell, and then spray or paint. In the low temperature part, it can also use silicon calcium insulation board and other materials as the lining(aluminium oxide abrasive grit). The lining made of the above materials has good application effect.

High aluminum bricks are used for masonry(white aluminum oxide). The water tank is changed into fire-resistant concrete beam, and its service life is more than twice as long as that of refractory brick. There are many fixed furnaces in our country, and their linings are generally built by sticking bricks(aluminium oxide blasting grit). In the future, we should actively adopt advanced technology and equipment to transform old plants or build new ones, so as to provide better and more pellets for blast furnaces.

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