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High Quality Aluminum Oxide Grit Mesh Made In China

The eutectic crystallization of spheroidal graphite cast iron is carried out in the way of divorced eutectic transformation(aluminum oxide blast media). After the spheroidal graphite is first precipitated from the liquid phase, the surrounding melt becomes a carbon-poor zone, where the carbon concentration changes(high purity alumina price), forming a concentration gradient in which the carbon concentration gradually rises from the surface of the sphere.

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This concentration gradient is related to the degree of subcooling of the melt(black silicon carbide factory). The cooling rate is low, the supercooling is reduced, the carbon has a sufficient time to diffuse, and the molten iron can supply carbon to the graphite in a larger range. When the melt subcooling degree is 10°C(aluminum oxide 24 grit), 90% of the carbon of the spherical graphite comes from the range of about 26R (R is the radius of the graphite sphere). Intergranular carbides appear in the gap.(high quality aluminum oxide grit mesh made in china)

When the degree of supercooling increases, the carbon concentration gradient becomes steeper(black silicon carbide manufacturers). When the subcooling reaches 100°C, 90% of the carbon comes from the 8R range. The undercooling of the melt in the alkali-poor regions around the spherical graphite is higher than that at the graphite melt interface, and austenite will nucleate first in these regions(aluminium oxide powder). As the degree of supercooling increases, the growth rate of both will increase.

(high quality aluminum oxide grit mesh made in china)There is another way to trap the graphite balls in the austenite dendrites. In the molten liquid with a higher degree of subcooling(brown fused alumina factory), the nucleation position of the eutectic austenite is closer to the edge of the spherical graphite that has reached a certain size(aluminum oxide anti-slip grit). The depth of the groove will increase due to the local melting point change of the liquid phase, and finally the graphite sphere will be trapped in the dendrites.

This is because the serrated interface of thicker eutectic graphite is relatively stable, and the increase of graphite sheet thickness will increase the distance between eutectic layers(black silicon carbide suppliers). Only some bumps on the surface appear, forming a cauliflower-like appearance. The graphite balls in the molten iron will be in contact with the austenite dendrites that grow alone under the action of thermal convection(600 grit aluminum oxide powder). Sulfur in gray cast iron has the effect of thickening eutectic graphite.

As mentioned earlier, the graphite phase has the ability to lead or induce the nucleation of the austenite phase, and the austenite will grow rapidly relying on graphite(brown fused alumina suppliers). Once the two phases are in contact, austenite grows rapidly along the surface of the sphere(aluminum oxide 320 grit). The growth rate of austenite on the graphite surface and the [0001] crystal orientation growth rate of graphite are both related to the degree of melt supercooling.(high quality aluminum oxide grit mesh made in china)

It can be seen that under the condition of eutectic undercooling of ductile iron melt(white fused aluminum oxide), the growth rate of austenite on the graphite surface is greater than that of spheroidal graphite. Therefore, once austenite grows on the graphite surface, it will coat the graphite spheres, forming a coating layer of the spheres(aluminum oxide sandblasting grit). Before the solidification volume fraction is less than about 30%, there is thermal convection in the melt.

As the dendrite grows carbon to the front of the liquid-solid interface(high purity fused aluminum oxide), the graphite spheres with smaller sizes in the liquid phase may be fixed on the surface of the dendrite when the convection stops. Due to the high thermal conductivity of graphite, grooves appear on the interface between dendrites and graphite. The dendrites will grow around the sphere and discharge more carbon(aluminum oxide 20 grit), which will increase the carbon concentration in the four grooves.

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