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High Quality Aluminum Oxide Grit Mesh Size F16 Turkey

A rise in potential generally indicates that a passivation film can be formed on the metal surface in the electrolyte to protect the metal from further corrosion(white fused alumina price). According to the preparation process of the penetrant, the order of the self-corrosion potential of the sample is from high to low: rare earth ball milling(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media), ball milling, mechanical mixing, and original specimen. Macroscopically, it is the reduction of self-corrosion current.

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A fall in potential indicates that only a porous corrosion product layer can be formed on the metal surface(brown fused alumina), which can slow down corrosion, but cannot form an effective protection for the metal. Under the conditions, the self-corrosion potential of the metal after infiltration is higher than the original state(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), and the surface of the sample is gradually passivated from the activated state in the medium after the rare earth sample is added.(high quality aluminum oxide grit mesh size f16 turkey)

In addition, the addition of rare earth elements improves the characteristics of the passivation film(white fused alumina suppliers). The higher the self-corrosion potential, the better the corrosion resistance of the material. The self-corrosion potential of the original material is -622mV, the self-corrosion potential gradually decreases, and the corrosion tendency increases(carborundum abrasives). After the boron-aluminum co-infiltration, the self-corrosion potential is obviously positive, and both are greater than -500mV.

(high quality aluminum oxide grit mesh size f16 turkey)In the sample with rare earth, the corrosion potential first changes in the positive direction with time, slowing down the corrosion, and then gradually decreasing(buy brown fused alumina), the corrosion tendency decreases, indicating that it cannot form an effective passivation film. When the thickness of the infiltration layer is 45um~55um, the optimal co-infiltration process is determined as: heating temperature 930℃~960℃(carborundum grit), holding time 4h~5h. Rare earth can be impurity removal and purification.

Therefore, although the corrosion on the surface of the infiltrated layer belongs to local corrosion in the microscopic view, it belongs to uniform corrosion in the macroscopic view(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). Therefore, the polarization current density at the same potential can be used to compare the corrosion rate. After CeO2 is added to the raw materials, the infiltrated elements will form a new phase(100 grit aluminum oxide white). shows that the uniform corrosion resistance of the infiltrated sample is better than that of the original sample.

The self-corrosion potential can only reflect the corrosion thermodynamic tendency of the material(white fused alumina manufacturer), while the potentiodynamic polarization curve can reflect the corrosion rate of the material. The corrosion rate of metal is proportional to its corrosion current density, and the corrosion current density is reflected by the polarization current density on the polarization curve. After a certain amount of rare earth is added(black aluminum oxide blast media), the corrosion current can be reduced.(high quality aluminum oxide grit mesh size f16 turkey)

And after adding a certain amount of rare earth(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers), the polarization curve obviously shifts to the left, that is, the corrosion current decreases and the corrosion rate decreases. The above results show that the ball-mill mixing makes the penetration agent and the sample contact evenly, avoids the occurrence of leakage phenomenon(white corundum manufacturers), makes the penetration layer continuous and uniform, and improves the corrosion resistance.

(high quality aluminum oxide grit mesh size f16 turkey)This is because the added rare earth preferentially reacts with the impurity elements in the infiltration layer(white aluminum oxide blast media), reducing the potential difference on the surface of the infiltration layer, and reducing the microscopic galvanic reaction. According to the preparation process of the penetrating agent(black aluminium oxide), the order of the corrosion rate from fast to slow is: original sample-mechanical mixing-ball mill mixing-rare earth ball mill mixing.

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