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The electronic layer structure of aluminum atoms can be expressed as 1s22p323p(high quality aluminum oxide grit suppliers myanmar). Aluminum atoms tend to lose the three outermost electrons and become positive trivalent ions, and sometimes they can also lose 1 electron on 3p to form positive monovalent ions(alumina abrasive). Aluminum oxides have both acid and alkali. 

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In the initial stage, a small pre cultured anode electrolytic cell is adopted, which has the advantages of low current, low output and high energy consumption(high quality aluminum oxide grit suppliers myanmar). In the 1920s, inspired by the electrode form on the ferroalloy electric furnace, the continuous self-cultivation anode was equipped on the aluminum electrolytic cell, which was conductive by side inserting rod(glass bead abrasive).

It reacts with strong bases to form aluminates and becomes acidic, and reacts with strong acids to form aluminum salts and becomes alkaline(alumina grit). In 1746, Potter produced pure alumina from alum(high quality aluminum oxide grit suppliers myanmar). Those with a density greater than 5.0g/em are called heavy metals, and those with a density less than 5.0g/em are called light metals(aluminium oxide blasting media). He reacted AlCl with potassium amalgam to obtain aluminum amalgam. 

In 1807, H. Davy of the United Kingdom tried to separate metallic aluminum from alumina by electrolysis, but was unsuccessful(high quality aluminum oxide grit suppliers myanmar). In 1825, Denmark's H.C. Oersted used a chemical method to prepare metal aluminum(silicon carbide powder). In the mid-1950s, high-quality large-scale pre culture carbon blocks were successfully manufactured, which made the early small pre melting tank large-scale and modern. 

The aluminum amalgam was distilled and separated under vacuum to obtain metal aluminum(sponge media abrasive). The founders of modern aluminum electrolysis, LTHeroult of France and C.MHall of the United States, independently applied for and registered patents for electrolyzing aluminum oxide in cryolite melt in 1886(high quality aluminum oxide grit suppliers myanmar). In 1878, the invention of a large DC generator brought a new dawn to aluminum electrolysis(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). 

In 1827, Wohler of Germany obtained a small amount of gray metallic aluminum powder by heating a mixture of potassium and anhydrous aluminum chloride(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media); in 1845, he passed aluminum chloride gas through the surface of molten potassium to obtain metallic aluminum beads(high quality aluminum oxide grit suppliers myanmar). The atomic number of aluminum in Mendeleev's periodic table is 13, and it is in the third main group of the third period. 

And some physical and chemical properties of aluminum have been preliminarily determined(high quality aluminum oxide grit suppliers myanmar). In 1854, the French Deville used sodium instead of potassium, which is more expensive than sodium, as a reducing agent, and commercialized it in 1855(silicon carbide grit). The above period is the first stage of the history of aluminum smelting, that is, the stage of chemical aluminum smelting.

American Castner has improved the production method of sodium metal and NaAlCl, so that the production cost of chemical method has been reduced(high quality aluminum oxide grit suppliers myanmar). By 1889, in a chemical production plant near Birmingham, England, the production scale reached 500b (about 226.8kg) per day(120 grit aluminum oxide sandblasting media). It was not until 1867 that the initial industrial wrong electrolysis method was realized, but the cost was still very expensive.

This accidental major discovery gave birth to the later cryolite-alumina molten salt electrolysis to produce aluminum(high quality aluminum oxide grit suppliers myanmar). However, because the battery DC power supply used at that time was expensive and unable to obtain large currents, industrial electrolysis experiments could not be carried out(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The chemical aluminum smelting stage contributed about 2001 aluminum to mankind. 

Since then ushered in a new stage of large-scale electrolysis-Hall-Elu method (HH electrolysis) aluminum smelting(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). In the past 120 years, Hall Elufa has gone through different stages of development, which is reflected in the continuous improvement and development of aluminum electrolytic cells(high quality aluminum oxide grit suppliers myanmar). Nonferrous metals can be divided into heavy metals and light metals according to their density(aluminium oxide blasting). 

Compared with the early small pre cultured anode electrolytic cell, the self melting anode electrolytic cell expands the cell size, increases the capacity of a single equipment, improves the current efficiency and reduces the energy consumption(150 grit aluminum oxide). In 1854, they obtained metal aluminum by electrolysis of sodium aluminum tetrachloride molten salt (naaic1). Human technological progress will never stop singing(high quality aluminum oxide grit suppliers myanmar). 

Aluminum electrolysis changed from self culture tank to pre culture tank, opening a new stage of pre culture tank(alumina blasting). In the 1940s, in order to simplify anode operation and improve the degree of mechanization, an upper plug rod self melting anode electrolytic cell was developed(high quality aluminum oxide grit suppliers myanmar). In recent 20 years, a large capacity intermediate point blanking pre culture anode electrolytic cell has been established(alumina sand). 

Computer technology has been successfully applied in the simulation, design and control of physical fields such as electricity, heat, magnetism, logistics and stress of electrolytic cell(high quality aluminum oxide grit suppliers myanmar). At present, the German Bunsen and the French Deville were the first to use electrolytic method to refine aluminum(garnet blasting media). Side inserted self melting anode electrolyzer is quickly popularized and applied all over the world. 

There is natural cryolite in the world(aluminium oxide shot blasting grit). Natural cryolite is a colorless or white substance. It is a compound salt(high quality aluminum oxide grit suppliers myanmar). The ongoing research and exploration of continuous pre cultured anode electrolytic cell, bipolar multi chamber electrolytic cell, inert anode electrolytic cell and wettable cathode discharge electrolytic cell in the world has ignited people's new hope for the development of aluminum electrolysis(80 grit aluminum oxide). 

Someone measured that the melting point of pure natural cryolite is 1009.2 ℃, its density is 2.95g/em and its hardness is 2.5(steel shot abrasive). The birth of Bayer method for producing alumina and the development of hydropower technology provide cheap and rich raw materials and energy for aluminum electrolysis production, so hall erufa is like a tiger(high quality aluminum oxide grit suppliers myanmar). Natural cryolite is a rare mineral(aluminum oxide abrasive powder). 

At present, natural cryolite is only found in Ural, Nigeria, Greenland and tintan, Brazil, and the quantity is very limited(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). Therefore, most of the general industrial applications are artificial cryolite. Artificial Cryolite produced by wet process is actually a mixture of NaF and AIF(high quality aluminum oxide grit suppliers myanmar). They form compounds only after high temperature. The binary phase diagram of NaF and AIF is shown in the figure.

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