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High Quality Aluminum Oxide Powder Suppliers Russia

Although heavy-duty grinding is still in its infancy in China, its use is not wide and its development is unbalanced(glass bead abrasive). The high-speed heavy-duty grinding wheels suitable for it must be There will be a big development. High-speed reinforced grinding wheels are a special requirement for resin grinding tools. Of course, the requirements of the grinding wheel used are higher than the general heavy-duty grinding wheel(white fused alumina abrasives). In addition, all these have promoted the rapid development of resin abrasives.

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The so-called reinforcement is to increase the tensile strength(garnet abrasive price), impact resistance and bending strength of the grinding wheel by adding fiber materials such as glass wire, nylon wire and metal wire in the manufacturing process of the grinding wheel. At present, the most widely used internationally are high-speed grinding discs and High-speed cutting wheel. If it cannot be quickly dispersed, it may concentrate on the weakest point and break(white corundum price). The theoretical chemical composition is Mg content 57.2% and SiO2 content 42.8%. 

The so-called hot grinding refers to the direct connection of the billet repair operation to the hot rolling production line, and the grinding is carried out when the billet temperature is high(glass beads manufacturers). The impact strength depends on whether the instantaneous stress of the material can be quickly dispersed(brown alumina abrasive). The rough grinding process of China's iron and steel industry and forging and casting industry will have a comprehensive and major improvement.

Hot grinding of high-speed heavy-duty grinding wheels has also been adopted(brown fused alumina). Compared with normal temperature grinding, it can improve production efficiency and reduce the consumption of grinding wheels, and can improve the smoothness of the grinding surface to avoid surface cracks(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). The magnesia-silica brick made of magnesia-silica is 30~50℃ higher than the high-temperature load softening temperature of ordinary magnesia bricks.

When coke is used as the fuel to burn the magnesia silica sand in vertical density, because the coke ash contains SiO2, the magnesia silica sand has Si2O3(brown aluminum oxide). Due to the characteristics of the crystal structure of forsterite, Mg ions can be arbitrarily replaced by Fe ions, forming a completely surface-soluble state between forsterite and iron olivine. Most of the forsterite in nature contains 0~10% fayalite(steel shot abrasive). Of course, the requirements of the grinding wheel used are higher than the general heavy-duty grinding wheel.

The synthetic method of magnesia-chromium spinel is to use lightly burned magnesia or sintered magnesia and chromite as raw materials(silicon carbide price), add it according to the required ratio, grind it, mix it into balls, and calcine it at high temperature, or by electricity Fused into magnesium-chromium spinel sand(white fused aluminum oxide refractory). There are two methods for controlling the organization of abrasive tools: pre-control method and finished product measurement method.

The melting point of fayalite is only 1205 ℃, because of its existence, it affects the high temperature performance of forsterite(arc fused alumina). It is believed that with the rapid changes in China’s socialist construction, the development of the resin synthesis industry, and the continuous improvement of the grinding process, the application scope of China’s resin abrasive tools will become wider and wider, and it accounts for the entire abrasive tool(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit). The ratio will increase rapidly.

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