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High Quality Aluminum Oxide Sandblasting France

When the air temperature is between 900 ℃ and 1100 ℃(white aluminum oxide 120 grit), the furnace lining and lattice brick in the high temperature part are made of high alumina brick, mullite brick or sillimanite brick; when the air temperature is higher than 1100 ℃, high alumina brick, mullite brick and weight brick are generally used as furnace lining or lattice brick(high purity fused aluminum oxide). The air supply temperature is 1200-1350 ℃, and the dome temperature is generally 1500-1550 ℃, even close to 1600 ℃.

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In West Germany, Cobos type or marchin type hot blast furnaces are used, while in other countries in Western Europe, Didier type hot blast furnaces are mostly used(arc fused alumina); In addition to the construction of some external combustion hot blast furnaces, the United States attaches great importance to the transformation of internal combustion hot blast furnaces(aluminum oxide for sand blaster), the true ratio is great, which can obtain higher air temperature and prolong the service life.

Meizhuan is measured under 1.0kg/cm load and 1550 ℃ heating conditions(silicon carbide companies). The high envy hot blast stove is mainly made of clay brick and semi silica brick. After a blast furnace is put into service, the hot blast furnace can only replace the 3-5m-high checker brick on the upper part of the regenerator, which can be used again(aluminium oxide 36 grit). In recent years, the blast furnace hot blast furnaces newly built or rebuilt in various countries mainly adopt external combustion type.

In the middle and late 1960s(green carborundum), with the increase of the air temperature of the hot blast furnace, the lining of the high-temperature part generally adopts high-grade or super dry brick, high drill brick and mullite brick; In the 1970s, the high temperature part of the hot blast furnace was generally built with cheap silica bricks(black silicon carbide factory). The hot blast furnaces of large blast furnaces in Japan are mainly of Cobos type, most of which are built by Nippon Steel recently.

When the temperature of the upper part of the thermal chamber is over 1420 ℃(silicon carbide price), the square magnesium core lattice with strong alkali resistance, good thermal conductivity and large heat storage capacity is used. The rest parts are made of mullite brick, corundum brick, kaolin brick and bonded brick according to the different temperature(fused alumina). There is no new change in refractory materials for high heating blast furnace in recent five works of Liangde.

In Western Europe, black silica brick is widely used in the top of hot blast furnace, furnace wall and upper part of checker brick(white fused alumina). In black silica brick, the content of iron oxide and titanium oxide is high, and clean the rest of the checker brick channels, the thermal conductivity is good, the heat storage capacity is strong(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh), so the thermal efficiency is high. The high alumina brick and clay acid brick are used in the middle and lower part of the hot blast furnace.

Brick masonry is used for high temperature parts(white aluminum oxide), high aluminum bricks are used for medium temperature parts, mullite bricks are used for lining near the hot air outlet, and dry bricks are generally used for other parts. Typical materials of hot blast furnace are silica brick(black silicon carbide suppliers), sillimanite brick, mullite brick, high alumina brick and glued brick from high temperature area to low temperature area, some of which have slightly improved performance indexes.

The traditional materials of the blast furnace hot blast stove in the Soviet Union are as follows(white corundum): the ball top and upper masonry are built with 62-72% Al2O3 high alumina bricks, and the middle and lower masonry are built with 38% Al2O3 bonded bricks; Recently, the air temperature of the hot blast furnace has increased significantly(brown fused alumina grit). Therefore, the ball top and the upper part 6-7 m high are generally built with low expansion silica brick.

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