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High-strength steel and titanium alloys used in the aviation industry and aerospace industry are very sensitive to hydrogen embrittlement(silicon carbide price). After hydrogen-sensitive metals absorb hydrogen, hydrogen exists in the metal in different forms such as hydrogen molecules, solid solutions, and hydrides, and its radius is only 0.046nm(black oxide aluminum), and exerts different effects and effects on the mechanical properties of the metal.

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At the baking temperature, the holding time varies with the conditions, sometimes as high as 24h(green carborundum). The hydrogen embrittlement of the metal was first discovered in 1817. After the main surface of the product was pickled, its ductility decreased, but people did not know the reason at that time(glass beads supplier). It was not until 1880 that Hughes clearly attributed this phenomenon to the consequences of hydrogen evolution during pickling.

(high quality aluminum oxide suppliers latvia)The phenomenon that leads to a decrease in material plasticity and toughness(silicon carbide companies). Hydrogen embrittlement is a potential source of damage to high-strength metal materials. As for the influence of chemical corrosion on the permanent load and bending performance of steel, it mainly depends on the lower roughness of the surface after chemical corrosion processing(garnet abrasive), and better results can be obtained for finely ground steel.

must meet two conditions(white fused alumina), one is that there is a source of hydrogen; the other is that the target metal is sensitive to hydrogen and can change some properties of the metal in different forms and effects. But spray treatment can be used to lift the fatigue life of high-strength pins after chemical corrosion, which is consistent with the spray treatment of aluminum alloy after chemical corrosion(garnet suppliers). Make the metal bubbling, white spots, cracks, etc.

For the occurrence of hydrogen embrittlement, the corrosion reactions of aluminum, iron, titanium and other metals with acids and alkalis are listed below(white aluminum oxide): There are three destinations for hydrogen to be released during the corrosion process: entering the metal to form hydrogen permeation. For example: hydrogen and -i generate TH (X=1.53~1.99), which leads to a decrease in metal plasticity and smoothness.(high quality aluminum oxide suppliers latvia)

From the sequence of metal activities, it can be seen that the metals ranked in the hydrogen prepaid will be accompanied by hydrogen precipitation during corrosion(arc fused alumina). Hydrogen molecules When the hydrogen in the metal exceeds the solid solubility, hydrogen will be precipitated from the supersaturated solid solution and combined into H(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The solid solution hydrogen is dissolved in the metal in the form of H.

The material embrittlement caused by the penetration of the hydrogen out of the metal into the inner layer of the metal(white corundum), and compounding molecular hydrogen from the corrosive liquid In escape. The precipitated H is easy to accumulate in the internal defects such as dislocation areas, grain boundaries, phase boundaries, microcracks and holes Hydride(white aluminum oxide non-skid grit): Hydrogen can form hydrides with rare earth metals, titanium, diamonds, etc.

(high quality aluminum oxide suppliers latvia)After H enters the metal, its ls electrons will enter the d band of the metal to form H(fused alumina), which leads to the increase of the electron density of the d electron layer and the increase of the repulsion between atoms, causing The lattice bonding strength is reduced. Hydrogen atom is the smallest geometrical size among all elements(steel grid), so it is easy to diffuse into the metal and occupy the void position of the metal lattice.

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