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In addition, only the anodic effect of cryolite alumina system is discussed(high quality aluminum oxide suppliers trinidad and tobago). When the metal anode is used, there is no anode effect. Under high voltage and high current density, both electrolyte and anode are in overheating state(aluminum oxide supplier). The concentration of F ions near the carbon anode increased, while the concentration of oxygen ions decreased. Oxide films are sometimes observed on gold and platinum anodes.

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It is discussed in detail in various monographs on aluminum electrolysis(brown fused alumina suppliers). Only a few important points are listed here. The appearance characteristics of aluminum electrolysis anode effect are: bright small sparks occur around the anode with special sound and squeak(aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers); There are a lot of bubbles on the interface between the anode and the electrolyte, such as a large number of bubbles are no longer separated from the electrolyte(high quality aluminum oxide suppliers trinidad and tobago).

Anode effect is a special phenomenon when carbon anode is used in molten salt electrolysis(high quality aluminum oxide suppliers trinidad and tobago). While the gas is precipitated, the anode dissolution of metal components will occur(aluminium oxide blasting grit). Under very high current density, the anode effect will also occur on the metal anode due to hydrodynamic reasons such as bubble aggregation(wholesale brown fused alumina).  The so-called critical current density refers to the anode current density when anode effect occurs under certain conditions.

Under the condition of constant voltage power supply, the series current of electrolytic cell decreases sharply when the anode effect occurs(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). Anode effect can occur in all halogen molten salts, and its characteristics are similar to those of aluminum electrolysis system(high quality aluminum oxide suppliers trinidad and tobago). Due to the great differences in the properties of electrode, electrolyte and the products of anode gas, the mechanism of anode effect is not the same(brown corundum).

Perspective electrolytic cells shall be adopted, which are equipped with transparent Ruby window or quartz window, or X-ray perspective(high quality aluminum oxide suppliers trinidad and tobago). The change behavior between melt and electrode was also observed by seat drop method(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). On the industrial electrolytic cell, when the anode effect occurs, the voltage rises (generally 30 ~ 50V, individually up to 120V), and the low-voltage bulb connected in parallel with the electrolytic cell lights up.

When the carbon anode potential rises to F ion discharge potential(china brown fused alumina manufacturers), carbon fluorine compound gases CF and C2F6 are precipitated, and the anode surface is covered by a gas film(high quality aluminum oxide suppliers trinidad and tobago). Polyakov used film technology to study the growth and formation of bubbles on carbon and graphite anodes(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). The electrolyte molecular ratio was 27, the alumina content was 6%, and the bottom surface of the anode was either upward or downward.

Usually, the gas film does not cover all the anodes, but only covers about 80%(high quality aluminum oxide suppliers trinidad and tobago). Small sparks can be seen around the periphery of the gas film where there is no gas cover(aluminum oxide grit). The occurrence of anodic effect can be characterized by critical current density (d). When the anode current density exceeds the critical current density, the anode effect will occur(aluminium oxide blast media). In addition to CO and CO2, there are carbon fluorocarbon gases such as CF4 and cgf6.

At this time, the critical current density (D) is 16Acm(white fused alumina factory). In laboratory research, the potential sweep method is usually used to determine the critical current density(high quality aluminum oxide suppliers trinidad and tobago). It can be seen on the current-voltage relationship graph that as the current increases, the voltage reaches a maximum value, and then the voltage decreases(white fused alumina price). This peak indicates the presence of the anode effect, and the current density at this point is the critical current density.

The global aluminum industry has paid attention to reducing CO2 emissions(high quality aluminum oxide suppliers trinidad and tobago). Previous people have done a lot of work on critical current density. When the wetting angle (0) was 148 to 152, the anode effect occurred(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). Therefore, the PFC discharged by the aluminum industry has become an environmental and political incident, and it is necessary to make the greatest efforts to reduce the number and duration of the anode effect.

Therefore, in cryolite-alumina melt(alumina powder suppliers), at low alumina content (<1.3%) and slow scanning rate, two peaks can be seen on the current-voltage graph(high quality aluminum oxide suppliers trinidad and tobago). The first peak is the precipitation of CO2, the second One peak is the generation of CF and CO2. At a high scan rate, a new peak appears. This peak is between CO2 and CF4. Calandra believes that COF2 is generated(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The potential scan curve at high scan rate is shown in Figure 66.

At present, when the typical gas composition of the anode effect on the more recognized industrial cell is 15% CF4, different contents of C2Fs, 20% C2, and the rest is the CO anode effect, the electrolysis process still obeys Faraday's theorem(aluminum oxide blast media). Therefore, the on-site feature in the electrolytic cell during the anode effect is that the concentration of alumina in the electrolyte decreases(high quality aluminum oxide suppliers trinidad and tobago). He observed the types of bubbles and the types of membranes.

In the early days, Belyaev et al(vietnam aluminum oxide). studied the relationship between D and the alumina content in the electrolyte, and the results are shown in the figure(high quality aluminum oxide suppliers trinidad and tobago). PFC gases CF4 and CGF6 are very strong greenhouse gases. For the so-called global warming potential (using CO2 as a reference point), CF4 is 6500, and C2F6 It is 9200, which means that CF is 6500 times higher than the effect of C2 greenhouse gas and lasts for 100 years(aluminium oxide grit suppliers).

Finally, it should be pointed out that Alcoa has proposed that the relationship between CFa emissions and anode effect time is as follows, in order to control the total CF emissions(aluminum oxide blast media canada). Since the anodic effect of aluminum electrolysis is mainly caused by the lack of alumina in the electrolyte, the relationship between D and alumina content has been paid attention to by many researchers and a lot of research has been carried out(high quality aluminum oxide suppliers trinidad and tobago).

According to the statistics of the International Aluminum Research Institute(white aluminum oxide blast media), from 1990 to 2001, 75% of the world’s primary aluminum manufacturers surveyed by the Institute have reduced CO2 equivalent emissions from 4.0 tons-CO /Ton-Al is reduced to 1.2 tons-CO/ton-Al(how to choose white fused alumina). They have a long life in the atmosphere (10~1 years). Visual observation shall be made on the phenomenon of anode effect in the test electrolytic cell(high quality aluminum oxide suppliers trinidad and tobago). 

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