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High Quality Aluminum Oxide Wholesale Suppliers Peru

There are mainly the following methods to prevent ink bleeding(silicon carbide price): In these materials, the adhesive is to make the components of the photosensitive adhesive bond to form a film, which acts as the skeleton of the resist. The adhesive does not participate in the chemical process during the photopolymerization process. reaction(garnet suppliers). The dry film must have a certain absorption area wavelength and safe light area. 

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The thickness of the soil vinyl film is about 25um(green carborundum). The photoresist film is the main part of the dry film, and the commonly used negative light-sensitive materials, the thickness of which varies depending on the application, ranging from a dozen microns to a hundred microns(aluminium oxide suppliers). high-pressure mercury lamps and halide lamps have higher radiation intensity near the near ultraviolet region, and can be used as light sources for dry film climbing.

(high quality aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers peru)F film photoresist film is composed of polyester film, photoresist film and polyethylene protective mold(silicon carbide companies). In this technique, the printed picture is placed on a flat plate coated with a layer of kosher asphalt dissolved in Tibetan lint oil, and then the asphalt layer is exposed to sunlight for 2h-3h, so there is no line to cover the asphalt layer. hardening(brown fused alumina for sale). This time is called the shortest light time or the minimum exposure.

When the dry film is pasted on the metal surface under the condition of heating and pressing(arc fused alumina), the temperature of the hot press roll of the film machine is (l05±10)℃, the conveying speed is 0.9m/min-1.8m/min, and the linear pressure is 0.54kg/cm. Technical requirements stipulate(glass bead blasting media suppliers): The wavelength of the absorption zone of the film is 310nm~440nm, and the wavelength of the safe zone is ≥460nm.(high quality aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers peru)

The main radiation energy wavelength range of low pressure sodium lamp is 589nm-589.6nm, and the monochromaticity is good(fused alumina). The yellow light emitted is more sensitive to human eyes, bright and easy to operate(aluminum oxide powder). Therefore, a low-pressure sodium lamp can be selected as a safety light, or a special cold light source ultraviolet light can be selected for exposure, and a cold light source safety light can be used as a darkroom safety light.

(high quality aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers peru)Photosensitive speed refers to the amount of light energy required for the photoresist to produce a polymerization reaction of photopolymerizable monomers under ultraviolet light irradiation to form a polymer with a certain resist ability(black oxide aluminum). Solvents are used to dissolve various components in the photosensitive colloid, and acetone and ethyl acetate are usually used as solvents(steel grid). The dry film can stick to the metal surface well.

Sensitivity includes indicators such as sensitivity speed, chewing time latitude, and depth exposure characteristics(glass beads supplier). When the intensity of the light source and the lamp distance are fixed, the light-sensing speed is expressed as the length of the light exposure time, and the light time is short, which means the light-sensing speed is fast(brown corundum abrasive). The ratio of the maximum chewing time to the shortest exposure time is called the exposure time latitude.

Among the three kinds of films(garnet abrasive), it is hoped that the faster the photosensitive speed of the dry film, the better, from the perspective of improving production efficiency and ensuring the accuracy of graphics and text. After a period of time after the dry film is bright, the photoresist layer has been fully or mostly polymerized after development(white aluminum oxide powder), and has the resist performance required by the technical conditions.(high quality aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers peru)

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