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High Quality Artificial Corundum Wholesale Price

brown aluminum oxide quality appraisal is now commonly used by stick method. The stick method is judged from two aspects. On the one hand is the stick-like color and crystal luster. The color is white, and those with shiny crystal stars are better. The color is dark and the quality is not good. It is necessary to extend the 100 grit aluminum oxide media smelting time. On the other hand, look at the stick-like thickness.

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A thin pass and a thick pass indicate that the silicon carbide companies hearth temperature is low and it takes some time. Before stopping the furnace, the thickness of the stick-like sample is 1.5 ~ 2.5mm. It is normal. If the thickness is more than 3mm, the sample is too thick. The aluminum oxide blasting abrasive quality accuracy of the stick-like sample is poor, especially the color and luster judgment is difficult to grasp. For example, the gray stick-like sample may not work after prolonging the smelting time.

(high quality artificial corundum wholesale price)However, thick stick brown fused alumina samples become thinner after prolonged smelting time, which is easy to judge. During the extended smelting period, the sticks need to be sampled every 5 minutes until the sticks meet the requirements. In most cases, the stick does not reach the depth of the white corundum hearth, because the melt in the lower part of the furnace is gradually solidified away from the heat source.

This phenomenon is commonly known as "out of the bottom" (growth of the bottom). The lower the aluminium oxide blasting hearth temperature, the shallower the stick pattern. The current fluctuation of white corundum smelting is not large. First, the raw materials are relatively pure and the viscosity is small, but there is no reduction reaction. These two factors make the resistance of the aluminium oxide sandblasting melt stable, and the current swing is not large.(high quality artificial corundum wholesale price)

As long as the furnace and ore are combined and the rated power input is guaranteed according to the silicon carbide price load curve, the normal smelting can be guaranteed. If abnormal phenomena occur, power outages and other contingency measures can be taken according to the situation. In the design of the electric furnace, each water-cooled component should have an independent switch in order to adjust the flow of artificial corundum water and replace water-cooled parts.

(high quality artificial corundum wholesale price)The water-cooling system should also be equipped with a drainage tank (water collecting tank) for easy observation to check the arc fused alumina circulation of the cooling water and measure the water. After the last batch of charge is added, the power cannot be cut off immediately, and the black synthetic corundum smelting must be continued for a period of time to make the unmelted charge as much as possible.

And through the exposure of the arc light and the stirring effect of the electron flow on the green carborundum melt, the carbonaceous material that has penetrated into the melt is burned out, and the low boiling point compounds (such as sodium fluoride) in the melt are also volatilized. Although white corundum smelting has no refining effect, this operation is still called refining. During the refining process, because the fused aluminum oxide material layer is very thin, the arc cannot be masked.

(high quality artificial corundum wholesale price)Stick-like depth is also a matter of fused alumina judgment. In order to reduce heat loss, a low voltage should be used. During refining, the number of materials transfer should be minimized to avoid lining the furnace. The so-called material transfer is to push the material at the hearth to the middle. The corundum white pressure of the input water should be greater than 0.2MPa, and the outlet temperature should be less than 45-50 ° C.

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