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High Quality Black Corundum Wholesale Price USA

When Na2SiO3 is used(silicon carbide abrasive), the concentration of naco2 must be controlled at a small value, otherwise, naco2 will promote the decomposition of Na2SiO3 and produce a regenerative cumulate, which will re deposit on the metal surface. The degreasing agent must be able to evenly wet the surface of the workpiece and produce a uniform machined surface immediately(aluminum oxide grit). At the same time, no high foaming surfactants are added to the solution.

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This requires that the degreaser must have high wettability, so it is necessary to add wetting agent into the degreasing agent(pink corundum). The commonly used multivalent metal integrators are: sodium citrate, edta-2na, etc. The degreaser must be able to inhibit the corrosion of the base metal to a minimum. It is necessary to have good wetting ability and high emulsifying ability to remove or disperse the surface attachments such as grease(synthetic corundum). The deoiling fluid must have a good ability to resist dirt re precipitation.

(high quality black corundum wholesale price usa)Therefore, at the same time, the emulsification of these wetting agents can also effectively prevent the re deposition of dirt(brown fused alumina). Many surfactants, such as soap, Op, Pingjia, can be used as wetting agents. Na2SiO3 and sodium metasilicate are also good wetting agents. The effect of temperature on the efficiency of alkaline oil removal is obvious(aluminum oxide abrasive). If the solution is stirred, it will be conducive to the oil removal, and can also use a lower concentration and temperature.

The multivalent metal integrator should be added into the alkaline degreasing fluid to prevent hard water salt from depositing on the surface of metal workpiece(brown aluminum oxide). As far as the current technology is concerned, a good alkaline degreaser should be able to meet the following requirements: the components of the degreaser can be quickly and completely dissolved, and at the same time, it should have stable and good washing performance(emery abrasive). The dosage of Na2SiO3 should not be too large.(high quality black corundum wholesale price usa)

The voltage is 6v-12v, the current is 4A / dm2-10a / DM, and the solution is usually operated at room temperature. It has to be affordable(brown aluminium oxide). If the hardness of the water used is large and the alkalinity of the deoiling liquid is moderate, it can not produce obvious corrosion behavior to the metal. For aluminum alloy, the best pH value is between 9 and 12(black silicon carbide). At the same time, it is necessary to have a strong buffer capacity to maintain the stable activity of the deoiling agent.

Must be non irritating to skin and completely non-toxic(brown fused alumina price). There should be softener in deoiling agent to prevent insoluble hard water salt deposition on metal surface. Electrolysis degreasing usually uses alkaline solution, but the concentration is lower than that of alkaline chemical degreasing(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). Because of the high bubble table, the active agent will generate a lot of bubbles in the electrolysis process, and these bubbles will cover the liquid level or the overflow tank.

(high quality black corundum wholesale price usa)At the same time, when the electric contact is not in good contact, h and O produced by electrolysis will cause explosion(white alumina). The advantage of electrolytic deoiling is that it has greater activity and purification effect, because there is gas generated from the electrode(green silicon carbide). However, the electrolytic deoiling has a great corrosive effect on the metal, and the equipment input is large, so it is seldom used in actual production except for special circumstances.

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