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High Quality Black Fused Alumina Factory Malaysia

Because the oil face inspection system for more than ten years can realize the automatic input of the spare oil air cooling when the oil magnetism is too high(green carborundum), the end quilt device consists of a fuse, when the oil is very low, the spare air cooling is cut off to save electricity. Isolating transformers are mostly used in the low-voltage system of the electrolysis workshop(aluminum oxide sandblast media).  This section will be discussed in the following chapters.

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Body structure: According to the different capacity, it can be divided into the same box and sub-box, and there are three boxes(white corundum). The main function of the isolation transformer is to completely isolate the electrical peaks of the primary and secondary systems, and to isolate the circuit from responsibility(glass beads supplier). In this way, a short-circuit fault occurs on the secondary side load, and the impact on the electrical class is relatively small.(high quality black fused alumina factory malaysia)

The oil level thermometer adopts BWY-804AJ(TH) temperature controller(silicon carbide price), the first stage root alarm signal is adjusted to SC (used to cut off the spare cooler), and the second stage silver alarm signal can be adjusted to 65C (used to start the spare cooler) ), the third section of the alarm signal is adjusted to 85°C, and the remote transmission signal is not included(white aluminum oxide sand), which is used for the background computer to monitor the transformer temperature in real time.

(high quality black fused alumina factory malaysia)The car-sound transformer of the electrolytic power supply system is mostly a coherent transformer(white fused alumina). The transformer belt has a tight structure and is mostly built with epoxy resin, an oil and an electric planter, which is stable. The electrolytic aluminum plant workshop uses more electrical equipment and the electrical environment is relatively harsh(black oxide aluminum). The pure equipment mainly includes rectifier components and quick-spreading devices.

The principle asks the power transformer(pink aluminum oxide). In the electrolysis power supply system, there is a transformer that provides a source of power for the anode workshop's Chinese guard-a Chinese transformer. The reading transformer is a kind of full-speed transformer with a sharp increase in knocking, which is used to melt the poisonous pig iron connecting the lead rod and the phosphor anode(steel shot abrasive). After running, there is no short circuit fault.(high quality black fused alumina factory malaysia)

The rectifier transformer adopts a sub-tank common structure(white aluminium oxide), the voltage regulating transformer and the on-load switch are one fuel tank, and the two rely on rheological alarms and two male rectifiers and reactors share a fault, which is first-class before use The casing seals are connected, the fourth section of the skip signal is adjusted to 5°C(arc fused alumina), and the rectification and saturation reactors are connected by a steel law inside the fuel tank.

(high quality black fused alumina factory malaysia)In addition, generally using its iron core characteristics of high simulation and large consumption, it can immediately control the four channels of high frequency clutter transmission(white aluminum oxide). The cold bus bar, the confluence bus bar and the operating overvoltage, commutation overvoltage, DC overvoltage absorption device, etc., the shaft eye equipment has a steady flow control(garnet abrasive price), control cabinet, power cabinet, cooling equipment, etc.

At the same time(brown fused alumina price), the working principle of the oil quilt equipment: a switching element (a gate, a vacuum contactor, a circuit breaker), a filter capacitor, and a non-inductive resistor (consisting of a single pre-excitation Filter and high-pass filter) and protection circuit. The connection method is star connection with ungrounded neutral point(silicon carbide companies), and the cooling lines of the modulation and the Yabian are independent of each other.(high quality black fused alumina factory malaysia)

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