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High Quality Black Silicon Carbide Manufacturers Malaysia

After the addition of ammonium chloride, the pH value of the resin film should be 4-5, at this time, its bond strength is the highest, but this only refers to the use of compound adhesive(brown fused aluminum oxide). If it is used as a cloth based treatment agent, the pH value should be 6 or approximately neutral(silicon carbide abrasive grit). The amount of chlorinated hinge is more, the resin solidifies quickly, hexamethylenetetramine, and the active period is shorter. 

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Soy flour and blood meal are not suitable for foaming(white aluminium oxide). The amount of ammonium chloride is less, the resin solidifies slowly, and the active period is longer. When the temperature is high in summer, the amount of ammonium chloride should be less, and the amount of ammonium chloride can be increased(green carborundum). Therefore, adding a proper amount of "formaldehyde bond" has a significant effect on reducing formaldehyde emission.

At present, the commonly used fillers are fiber fillers, such as walnut shell powder, coconut shell powder, sawdust powder, etc.(black aluminum oxide), and inorganic fillers, such as gypsum, etc. Hexamethylenetetramine and urea act as buffers to regulate the pH value of the glue solution. It is better to use it up at one time(glass beads manufacturers). For a small amount of unused glue solution, add sodium hydroxide solution, adjust the pH value of glue solution to 7-8, and then use it the next day.

Although ammonium chloride is easy to use, it has a great influence on the pH value of the glue solution, and the small change of the amount of ammonium chloride will affect the curing speed of the glue(brown fused alumina). Therefore, at present, it is recommended to use a combination of curing agent, and the room temperature is low in winter, such as ammonium chloride, urea, ammonia water and water to mix well, and the curing effect is also good(garnet abrasive price).

They can also react with free formaldehyde and formaldehyde produced in the process of resin curing, playing the role of "deodorization" and reducing the content of free formaldehyde(pink aluminum oxide). During the curing process, urea formaldehyde resin will shrink and produce internal stress, which will affect the bond strength(glass bead abrasive). The filler can fill the structural gap of the binder, reduce the internal stress produced by curing and improve the bonding strength.

The reason of aging is that although the urea formaldehyde resin has been cured, there is still dehydration reaction inside the molecule(brown aluminum oxide); At the same time, it can improve the solid content and viscosity of the glue liquid, increase the initial viscosity of the glue liquid, reduce the consumption of amine, and reduce the phenomenon that the surface of the abrasive tool is blocked by the debris in the processing process(steel shot abrasive). Calcium carbonate should not be used.

Formaldehyde binding agent: in the process of using urea formaldehyde resin(silicon carbide price), there is always a considerable amount of free formaldehyde, which has a strong stimulation on the operator's eyes, nose, etc., and pollutes the environment(carborundum abrasives). Therefore, the free formaldehyde content of urea formaldehyde resin should be as low as possible, but the content is low, and free formaldehyde will still be produced in the curing process.

The free Qiang Jiaji of the resin, which causes the adhesive layer to absorb or release the moisture in the air, causes the ageing of the adhesive layer(brown aluminium oxide). The improvement is to add a small amount of polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl acetate emulsion or alcohol, not only to retard the aging rate of the resin, but also to improve the brittleness of the resin adhesive, increase its flexibility, and the amount of polyvinyl alcohol is about 1~5%(carborundum grit).

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