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The analysis data show that the sulfides of magnesium and cerium, the oxides of silicon and the complexes of these substances are the main substances constituting the nucleation matrix of spherical graphite(high quality blasting grit suppliers ecuador). For the graphite crystal close to the center, its (0001) product plane is perpendicular to the radiation direction, and gradually becomes a tangent plane to the sphere outward(alumina sand).

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There is a certain crystalline orientation relationship between the two layers. The researchers suggest that the observed black matter is flake graphite(high quality blasting grit suppliers ecuador). Coral graphite. Sulfides of magnesium, cerium and rare earth elements, oxides of silicon (SiO2) and complexes of sulfides and oxides(silicon carbide grit). Graphite is usually classified according to its external morphology, which is actually the division of graphite growth mode.

The vermicular graphite sheet is thick, the end is round and blunt, and the growth direction changes frequently(high quality blasting grit suppliers ecuador). It can also be observed that some graphite is spherical(100 grit aluminum oxide). Most of the identified substances are oxides and sulfides, and there are also complexes of these compounds, such as sulfides of magnesium, decoration and rare earth elements, oxides of silicon (SiO2), complexes of various oxides, complexes of sulfides and oxides (xmgs · yi02 · 2mg0).

This kind of graphite is called intermediate graphite(aluminium oxide blasting media). It can be seen from the observation of deep corrosion samples that many butterfly graphite are in different eutectic clusters. In a eutectic, the growth of graphite originates from a crystalline core, which is crosslinked with each other(high quality blasting grit suppliers ecuador). A kind of fine graphite distributed between austenite dendrites can be obtained after rapid cooling of low sulfur molten iron. 

Under the light microscope, we can see some spherical graphite in vermicular graphite cast iron. Flocculent graphite is the graphite produced by high temperature graphitization annealing of white cast iron(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). From the distribution state, it is difficult to distinguish from supercooled graphite, which is called coral graphite(high quality blasting grit suppliers ecuador). The existence of core material can be observed in the central part of most spherical graphite. 

These single crystals form spherical graphite(silicon carbide powder). The orientation of the lattice base (0001) in these monomers is roughly parallel to the surface of the sphere and perpendicular to the direction of radiation growth. The illustration shows this structure(high quality blasting grit suppliers ecuador). The growth mode of coral graphite is similar to that of flake graphite, but it is formed because of the high cooling rate of molten iron and the insufficient growth of flakes.

The graphite formed by the diffusion of carbon atoms in the solid state often presents different aggregation states due to different original chemical composition, structure and heat treatment process(high quality blasting grit suppliers ecuador). The surface of flocculent graphite is rough under optical microscope(aluminium oxide blasting). By observing the flake graphite crystal extracted from gray cast iron, it is found that it is composed of many flake graphite arranged in layers. 

Although these graphite are spherical, they are also connected with graphite branches(glass bead abrasive). Even dozens of graphite forms have been observed, belonging to different types(alumina abrasive powder). Coral graphite branches more frequently than supercooled graphite, the monomer size is smaller, and the end of the sheet is round, which is obviously different from the sharp end of supercooled graphite(high quality blasting grit suppliers ecuador). Some are really spherical graphite grown alone.

Vermicular graphite(pink aluminum oxide). At present, some graphite growth modes have the characteristics of both flake graphite and spherical graphite, and the morphology has some characteristics of both flake graphite and spherical graphite(80 grit aluminum oxide). It is known that the morphology and structure of graphite are related to their growth modes(high quality blasting grit suppliers ecuador). Different growth modes determine the morphology and structure of graphite to a great extent. 

This kind of microcrystalline and insoluble graphite particles remaining in molten iron can become effective graphite core when they reach a certain size(high quality blasting grit suppliers ecuador). Under the scanning electron microscope, it can be observed that it is composed of irregular chain graphite monomer extending from the core to the periphery(alumina abrasive), with some base metal (deep holes are formed after metal removal after deep corrosion). 

At the same time, the carbon atoms in the graphite crystal core are not arranged neatly according to the graphite lattice structure, but there are many product defects(1200 grit aluminum oxide). The bases of single crystals are at an angle to each other, and its main growth direction is [0001] crystal direction. In the flake graphite single crystal, the extension along the length of the crystal is much greater than the thickening of the flake(high quality blasting grit suppliers ecuador). 

Some crystal defects can provide growth steps for graphite growth(steel shot abrasive). The most effective defects for graphite growth are screw dislocation and rotating plum(high quality blasting grit suppliers ecuador). The lamellar crystals are substantially parallel to the surface of the graphite sheet(120 grit aluminum oxide). For malleable cast iron, it is desirable to have spherical flocculent or cluster flocculent graphite, and the graphite crystals show a relatively tight aggregation state. 

Due to the different binding energy of carbon atoms at different growth steps and the influence of some surface active elements, different growth mechanisms appear and different graphite crystals are produced(aluminum oxide sandblasting abrasive). Vermicular graphite is a typical intermediate graphite(high quality blasting grit suppliers ecuador). The structure of nucleation matrix was detected by electron microprobe, and it was found that they were double-layer structure. 

When the carbon activity of molten iron reaches a certain level, the carbon atoms move to the nucleation matrix and deposit on it to form graphite microcrystals(high quality blasting grit suppliers ecuador). The inner layer is mainly composed of calcium and magnesium sulfides, and the size is about 1 / 10 of the whole nucleation matrix(black corundum). The outer layer is spine shaped, and the main body is the oxide of magnesium, aluminum, silicon and titanium.

This addition of atoms to the steps provided by defects is a way of crystal growth(high quality blasting grit suppliers ecuador). Because the crystal defect has high energy, it is easy to accept foreign atoms. After receiving a layer of atoms on the step, a new step is formed, and the atoms continue to be added to the new step to further grow the crystal(garnet blasting media). Some impurity particles, sulfides and oxides in molten iron may become the nucleation matrix of graphite.

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