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The molecular structure is the internal condition that determines the movement of the molecule, and the physical properties of the material are the macroscopic performance of the molecular movement(silicon carbide abrasive). The resistance to control is determined by the tensile testing machine controlling the "8" block sample(garnet suppliers). Many of the performance characteristics of macromolecules are closely related to their high molecular weight.

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Compared with low-molecular compounds, the structure of high-molecular compounds has the following characteristics(green silicon carbide): Compared with low-molecular compounds, high molecular weight. Due to this outstanding feature, the polymer exhibits unique properties, which appear to be "three highs, one low and one disappears."(steel grid) These non-metallic elements are connected to each other by chemical bonding forces to form macromolecules.

The molecular weight of the polymer compound is large compared to non-metallic and metallic substances(brown fused alumina). By understanding the different structural characteristics of polymer compounds, you can understand the differences in the macroscopic physical properties of the materials(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The rupture speed of the grinding wheel is the speed at which the grinding wheel ruptures during the rotation of the grinding wheel.

Compounds with a molecular weight of 10 begin to show the characteristics of polymers, which can be called quasi-polymer compounds(brown aluminum oxide). When the molecular weight exceeds 10 °, it becomes a typical polymer compound. The atoms that make up ordinary polymers are non-metallic elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and temperature(brown fused alumina oxide). The characteristic behavior of a polymer depends on its special structure.

High elasticity is a unique property of high polymer based on segment movement(brown aluminium oxide). It is precisely because the high elastic deformation is caused by the movement of the segment, so the low molecular compound has no corresponding structure and does not have this deformation(black silicon carbide). At this time, the macromolecular chains are basically in a state of intimacy, and the chain segments consolidate with each other. 

High elasticity is a large deformation caused by the movement of dry polymer segments under the action of small stress(white aluminium oxide). This is mostly the case for unbalanced grinding wheels. The tensile strength of the abrasive reflects the strength of the abrasive under maximum tension(arc fused alumina). The bending strength of the abrasive tool reflects the maximum bending stress or bending limit of the abrasive tool, up to 1000%. 

The segment (not the entire macromolecular chain) transitions from the original conformation to the conformation corresponding to the external force(black aluminum oxide), and the polymer chain transitions from one equilibrium state to another equilibrium state, resulting in highly elastic deformation. The stress effect of the high elastic deformation is small, but the deformation is large(fused alumina). The quantitative characterization of viscosity is viscosity.

Phenomenon is the difficulty of relative displacement of molecular centroids(pink aluminum oxide). The state of polymer melt or concentrated solution is viscous flow. Therefore, internal friction occurs during the flow to show character. The unit of viscosity is Pa · s. The viscosity of ordinary low-molecular compounds is 0.01Pa · s(garnet abrasive), the extremely stored liquid is about 10Pa · s, and the viscosity of the polymer can be as high as 10 "Pa · s.

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