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This reduction has included the increase in carbon solubility(brown fused alumina). Reducing the total pressure of furnace gas (not co partial pressure) can decrease the equilibrium temperature of Si-C reaction. Compared with the molten iron in the acid sensitive furnace, the temperature at which the molten iron begins to boil (co escape) is significantly lower than that in the acid sensitive furnace(synthetic corundum), and the reduction range may reach about 120 ℃.

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Opavil et al(brown aluminum oxide). When the oxygen content of hypoeutectic cast iron increases from (3 ~ 5) × 10 *% to 200 × 10 *%, the microstructure of the cast iron gradually changes in the following order: white cast (no graphite) - anti white cast structure → dot graphite → E-type eutectic graphite - B type graphite → A-type graphite (20-40 × 10 *%, dissolved oxygen) → B-type graphite - E-type eutectic graphite(green silicon carbide) - white cast structure ((100-200) × 10 *%) Oxygen).(high quality brown aluminum oxide factory united states)

The solubility of carbon and the content of nitrogen increased with the increase of hot metal temperature(brown aluminium oxide). In addition, it is found that oxygen promotes cementite formation in the solidification process of cast iron with low carbon equivalent and high eutectic undercooling(emery abrasive). With the change of oxygen content, the graphite morphology also changes. It can be seen that too low or too high oxygen content will lead to the formation of leukoplakia and anti leukoplakia.

It can be seen that the increase of silicon content significantly reduces the solubility of nitrogen(white alumina). When cupola melts iron, nitrogen is brought in from the air supply and melts into molten iron in the melting zone. The dissolved amount increases or decreases with the change of ammonia concentration (partial pressure) in the supply air(black silicon carbide). The ability of ferrosilicon without deoxidation elements (aluminum, calcium, phosphine and junction) to promote graphitization is very poor.

(high quality brown aluminum oxide factory united states)All kinds of metal charge contain nitrogen, but the nitrogen content of steel is more prominent(black corundum). Surface active elements, especially oxygen and sulfur, reduce the dissolution rate of nitrogen. The results show that the microstructure and strength of the cast iron casting with hot metal in the same furnace are obviously different in different parts of the section thickness, that is(alumina polishing powder), the microstructure and properties of the cast iron castings are sensitive to the section size.

The experimental results show that the nitrogen content of converter steel is generally 0.010% - 0.020%, that of acid EAF steel is 0.008% - 0.010%, and that of basic EAF steel is 0.006% - 0.014%(pink corundum). Long term monitoring of the effect of steel addition on ammonia content in low carbon cast iron melted by a hot blast cupola was carried out. Measured the saturated carbon content and nitrogen solubility in molten iron at different temperatures at 0.1 MPa(aluminum oxide abrasive). The nitrogen dissolved in molten iron comes from many sources. 

Inoculation treatment should make the residual oxygen after deoxidation sufficient to provide rich nucleation matrix(silicon carbide abrasive). The diagram shows that the change of silicon content in carbon saturated Fe-C-Si solution at 1300-1700 ℃ causes the change of ammonia solubility. Results if the carbon content is in unsaturated state and the solubility is constant, the effect of silicon is much greater than this(aluminum oxide grit). The effect of oxygen content on the microstructure of cast iron is significant.(high quality brown aluminum oxide factory united states)

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