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High Quality Brown Aluminum Oxide Grit Taiwan

The adhesion between the adhesive and the adherend is mainly due to the action of the intermolecular force, that is, the physical adsorption force(black silicon carbide). A large number of facts show that the weak interface layer is a fact of objective existence.The existence of weak interface layer is confirmed, but the existence of low molecular weight in adhesive or adherend does not necessarily produce weak interface layer(brown fused alumina bfa grade a manufaturer). Therefore, as an abrasive, it must have some basic characteristics.

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Before grinding, it is not a simple mechanical process, in which there are certain chemical reactions(brown fused alumina). For example, when silicon carbide (SIC) abrasives are used to process steel, the following reactions will occur. Because of the chemical reactions between abrasives and the objects to be processed, the inherent mechanical properties of abrasives will change, thus affecting the effect of greasiness(arc fused alumina). The following five requirements shall be met.

The hardness of the abrasive must be higher than that of the object to be processed, so that the requirements of grinding can not be realized(brown aluminum oxide). For this reason, there is no weak interface layer for the adhesive force produced by chemical adsorption, electrostatic force and diffusion(fused alumina). The existence of internal stress in the adhesive will lead to a great decrease in the adhesive strength and even the automatic rupture of the adhesive building.

In order to improve the bonding ability of abrasives and binders, and to improve some properties of abrasives, the abrasives can be treated additionally and special products can be developed(brown aluminium oxide). Because grinding is carried out by using the pre cutting edge composed of many particles on the surface of the abrasive tool, some materials, such as hard alloy, are difficult to be processed into particles due to their high hardness but high toughness(black oxide aluminum).

Therefore, it is not suitable to make abrasives(white alumina). For example, from the chemical structure of cellulose, there is a strong polar base in the molecule, which should have a better adhesion to the metal, but when the modified cellulose is used as the adhesive, there is almost no strength, which is due to the large shrinkage stress produced during curing(glass beads supplier), otherwise, if rubber brain is added to the cellulose as the plasticizer, the internal stress is reduced.

Because the fillers do not participate in chemical reaction, the proportion of curing shrinkage can be reduced by adding fillers(green silicon carbide). The abrasives used to make resin Abrasives have strict surface quality requirements, because the dust (especially graphite and other substances) attached to the abrasives can brush the binding force of resin on the abrasives to reduce the hardness and strength of the abrasives from the surface(such as strength, toughness, wear resistance, etc.).

In order to meet the special requirements of coated abrasives for abrasives(silicon carbide abrasive), and improve the grinding efficiency and durability of coated abrasives, in addition to the correct selection of the material and particle size of abrasives, sometimes the abrasives should be treated properly(46 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Now the commonly used treatment methods are introduced as follows. Abrasives can be used to make abrasives or to grind and polish directly.

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