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High Quality Brown Aluminum Oxide Sand Ukraine

Hyperelasticity is a mechanical state unique to polymers based on segment motion(brown fused alumina). It refers to a special physical property that has high elastic deformation (large deformation and can be visually balanced with external forces removed) at room temperature(synthetic corundum). High elasticity is a unique physical property of polymer materials, and it is also one of the most precious physical properties possessed by rubber materials.

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Ordinary solid materials have elastic deformation at room temperature(brown aluminum oxide). The deformation of general steel and steel is only 1% of the original sample, and the high elastic deformation of rubber can reach 1000%. Snail deformation and stress relaxation are collectively referred to as mechanical relaxation, which is very important for the performance of rubber(transverse strain). This stress decreases or disappears with time(emery abrasive).

In the second stage, high elasticity is an important characteristic of polymer materials, among which rubber-like substances have the greatest elasticity(white alumina). It has the following characteristics: the elastic modulus is small and the deformation is large. Therefore, the elastic deformation of rubber-like substances is called hyperelastic deformation(alumina polishing powder). The elasticity of rubber is more than 10,000 times smaller than other solid materials.

When an external force straightens the molecules of fly bender, due to the thermal motion of each link in the molecular chain, it tries to restore the original natural state of the wedding song, forming a retractive force against the external force(silicon carbide abrasive). The molecular chains have to expand in the direction of the external force field, and thermal motion Trying to restore the molecular chain to a curled state, this shrinkage force is related to plasticity(aluminium oxide polishing powder).

It is this force that promotes the gel-like deformation The spontaneous recovery causes the compliance of the deformation, but this national shrinkage force is not large after all(green silicon carbide), so the rubber can undergo a large deformation when the external force is not large, so the elastic modulus is very small. This phenomenon is called butterfly deformation or the tightened rubber band will gradually loosen(low density white alumina), which is called general elasticity.

For cross-linked polymers, when highly elastic deformation occurs(black silicon carbide), the elongation of the material under the action of external forces causes the molecular chains to be spatially arranged in a directional manner. In addition, as the temperature increases, the thermal motion of the molecules strengthens, the contraction force increases, the elastic modulus increases(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers), and the elastic deformation becomes smaller.

The ratio of the change in the transverse unit size to the change in the longitudinal unit size (longitudinal or axial strain) when anisotropically solid material is stretched (or compressed) is called Poisson's ratio(aluminum oxide abrasive). Due to the regular arrangement of molecules, the product is formed, and heat is also released during the product process(wholesale brown fused alumina). Due to the above three reasons, the film releases heat when it is controlled to stretch.

When the rubber is compressed and stretched by external force, the deformation always develops with time, and finally reaches the maximum deformation(aluminum oxide grit). The phenomenon is called stress relaxation. Why is there mechanical relaxation? Because rubber is a long-chain molecule, the movement of the entire molecule or the movement of the segments must overcome the intermolecular forces and internal friction(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit).

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