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The welded surface should be polished smoothly, showing metallic luster, and beveled. Key points of welding repair process in production: reverse polarity during DC welding (electrode is positive)(high quality brown aluminum oxide suppliers lebanon); During AC welding, the no-load voltage is 70 ~ 90V, the included angle between the electrode and the horizontal plane is 70 ~ 80 °, the diameter should be small, and the arc should be short. 

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The "Technical Conditions for High Manganese Steel Castings" (YB3210-80) of the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry stipulates that the reinforcement rating standard map is divided into five levels, and the level below three is qualified, which can be used as a reference for the quality inspection of Mizusawa(high quality brown aluminum oxide suppliers lebanon). The choice of heat preservation time(aluminum oxide grit blasting): In theory, heat preservation for half an hour can achieve phase equilibrium. 

For crack welding or deep welding layer, choose cup-shaped or 70°V-shaped groove(aluminium oxide blasting); austenitic manganese steel has the characteristics of poor thermal conductivity, large linear expansion coefficient, and high reheat embrittlement tendency, which damages the welding process Performance, cracks easily occur during welding repair(black silicon carbide). The cracks should be polished with a grinding wheel(high quality brown aluminum oxide suppliers lebanon). 

The temperature gradient during welding repair is large(240 grit aluminum oxide blast media), and carbides are precipitated in the heat-affected zone due to reheating, which leads to local matrix embrittlement(high quality brown aluminum oxide suppliers lebanon). Welding repairs on the working surface of the casting should be avoided as much as possible, and less welding on the non-working surface is better(corundum sand). When welding, advance spirally and proceed in sections (50~100mm). 

After welding, hammer the weld seam while it is hot and cool it in water(high quality brown aluminum oxide suppliers lebanon). When the temperature is below 60℃, proceed to the next section of welding to prevent post-welding. crack. As a result, the flat cast liner has serious shrinkage in the center(46 grit aluminum oxide). The heat treatment of cement plants directly affects the form, quantity and distribution of carbides, thereby affecting the service life and abrasiveness of the product. 

According to the traditional view, heat preservation is 1h per 25mm(silicon carbide powder). Manganese road titanium steel fan coal mill striking plate, after precipitation hardening treatment, its wear resistance is 60% higher than that of high manganese steel ZGMn13(high quality brown aluminum oxide suppliers lebanon). The hammer crusher is used to crush the soft open stone with an important degree of F-8 ~ 10 in a certain mine, and the ore has high water content(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit). 

Under the working conditions of one ball milling and iron ore hardness/=12~18, the service life is 8 months, while the flat cast slanted cast slab(aluminium oxide sand), Basically eliminate the central shrinkage, under the same working conditions, the service life is 12 months, and the wear resistance is relatively improved by 50%(high quality brown aluminum oxide suppliers lebanon). Chemical rating conditions: rating multiplier × 500, select the most serious point for rating, field of view 80mm.

Generally, the appropriate chemical composition and heat treatment process should be selected according to the working conditions to improve its wear resistance(pink aluminum oxide). 400×600 high carbon alloy cast steel ZGMnl1Cr2.5VTi hammer head, on the contrary, its wear resistance is 53% higher than that of high manganese steel ZGMnl3 hammer head(high quality brown aluminum oxide suppliers lebanon). The austenite cannot be work hardened by the steel chain head during use. 

Working conditions have a great influence on the wear resistance of austenitic manganese steel(aluminium oxide sandblasting grit). Under the conditions of chiseling wear or high stress contact wear, the work hardening and wear resistance of high manganese steel can be better exerted(high quality brown aluminum oxide suppliers lebanon); in low stress Under the conditions of abrasive wear, after precipitation hardening treatment, austenitic manganese copper should not be used as wear-resistant consumables. 

Under loose abrasive wear conditions(aluminum oxide 80 90 grit), the service life of austenitic manganese copper is far less than that of quenched steel and white cast iron, whether it is dry wear (such as air flow sand feeding, spraying fee of sand blasting machine) or wet wear (such as overflow parts of sand pump). When it is too large, the working current increases(alumina sand), expanding the heat affected zone, which is unfavorable to the quality(high quality brown aluminum oxide suppliers lebanon). 

Using the hammer head of hammer crusher, the comparison test results of various materials show that the unit consumption and output of austenitic manganese steel parts are the lowest(black corundum). In the non working face, carbon steel welding rod can be used to repair small defects(high quality brown aluminum oxide suppliers lebanon). Austenitic manganese steel has been gradually replaced by hardened bell iron, high chromium cast iron (steel) and alloy steel. 

In case of multi-layer welding repair, one layer (about 2.5 ~ 3mm) should be welded with austenitic stainless steel welding rod (such as Ao 102) as the base to reduce cracks(aluminium oxide blasting media). The welding repair of castings shall be carried out after water quenching(high quality brown aluminum oxide suppliers lebanon). There shall be no preheating before welding, no tempering after welding, and generally no re quenching (except those with special requirements). 

The diameter of welding rod is usually mm(aluminum oxide abrasive media). four hundred × The 600mm ballast breaker is used to compare the test results when breaking the cement clinker(high quality brown aluminum oxide suppliers lebanon). The cutting of austenitic manganese steel castings is carried out after water quenching to ensure the dimensional tolerances of the processed parts(glass bead abrasive). Gray cast iron with phosphorus content greater than 0.3% is called high phosphorus cast iron.

The lining plate of ball mill in cement plant is difficult to work harden due to small impact force(white aluminum oxide). It is a liner of high carbon medium Ming alloy steel GT-1 with an addition of 0.3% in one bin of 2.2x6.5m cement mill(high quality brown aluminum oxide suppliers lebanon). Compared with mal3 liner, the test results show that the relative soundness is improved by 8.8 times(aluminum oxide abrasive powder). Surfacing electrodes such as tdmn8 and heap 226 can be used for surfacing or repair of castings.

It is a high carbon medium chromium alloy steel GT-1 lining plate for 2.2 × The comparative test results of the second bin of 6.5m cement mill and MA13(high quality brown aluminum oxide suppliers lebanon). High chromium cast iron lining plate show that the relative wear resistance is 34.27 times higher than that of high manganese steel, and the service life is close to that of high chromium cast iron(steel shot abrasive). In binary eutectic, the cyclic solubility of phosphorus in iron is 2.8%(white aluminum oxide 80 grit).

On the ternary phase diagram, there is ternary eutectic point E, its composition is C2.0% and P7%, and its eutectic temperature is 940 ℃. The tunnel degree after use is HB240 ~ 250, the service life is only 11 ~ 18h, and the average unit consumption of ore breaking is 1.21 ~ 1.73t/kg(180 grit aluminum oxide). The defects that need welding during production must be cleaned up with compressed air, wire brush, wind shovel and other mechanical tools(high quality brown aluminum oxide suppliers lebanon). 

Generally, if the ternary eutectic crystallizes, the quantitative ability of ferrite is very strong, and Fe and C will be decomposed into stone and austenite to become binary phosphorus eutectic(garnet blasting media). Phosphorus eutectic has good antifriction effect because phosphorus eutectic has high hardness (600 ~ 750hv). In most cases, binary phosphorus eutectic is required rather than ternary phosphorus eutectic(high quality brown aluminum oxide suppliers lebanon). 

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