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High Quality Brown Aluminum Oxide Suppliers Philippines

The performance of paraffin-stearic acid mold material is not only related to the ratio of mold material, but also affected by the melting point of paraffin wax(brown aluminum oxide); if paraffin wax above 60℃ is used instead of commonly used paraffin wax at 58℃, the strength and thermal stability of the mold material are obvious(softening point is about 31℃). Increased and reduced shrinkage(pink aluminium oxide), so that the performance of the mold material can be improved.

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After the shell is burned, the residual ash of the mold material in the cavity should be as little as possible(brown aluminium oxide), generally should be less than 0.06 (weight ratio), so as not to affect the quality of the casting. Polyethylene, EVA, montan wax, ozokerite, rosin and other materials are added to wax-based stearic-free acid mold material; polyethylene is not highly soluble in paraffin wax(silicon carbide abrasive powder). The molecular formula of stearic acid (18 acid) is CrHasCO0H.(high quality brown aluminum oxide suppliers philippines)

The composition of paraffin-low-molecular-weight polyethylene mold material is 95% paraffin wax and 5% low-molecular-weight polyethylene(white aluminium oxide). The wax-based molding compound prepared with low molecular polyethylene instead of stearic acid has high strength, good toughness, smooth investment surface and stable chemical properties(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The strength and thermal stability of paraffin-stearic acid mould material are not high, and it is hard during use. 

(high quality brown aluminum oxide suppliers philippines)But when the paraffin content exceeds 80%(brown fused alumina), the surface of the mold material is easy to foam, the surface quality of the investment mold is poor, and the coating and fluidity of the mold material are reduced; therefore, a variety of wax-based molds without stearic acid have been introduced in recent years(white fused alumina abrasives). Among them, several mold materials have been produced in practice and mass production applications have been carried out.

The molecular weight of low-molecular-weight polyethylene is about 2000~5000(black corundum). Fatty acid is easy to react with the active metal, it will not be saponified during use, and the mold material is easy to recycle(low density polyethylene). However, the viscosity of this kind of mold material is relatively large(aluminum oxide polishing grit), so the temperature of the paste mold material and wax injection should be appropriately increased when molding. pressure.(high quality brown aluminum oxide suppliers philippines)

If the content of stearic acid is increased appropriately(alumina grit), for example, if the content of stearic acid is increased by 10%(pink corundum), the coating property, fluidity and thermal stability of the mold material will be improved, but when the content of stearic acid exceeds 80%, the The strength is very low and the toughness is also very poor, mainly palmitic acid (16 acid), so it is not suitable for use(brown fused alumina for sale). It has good miscibility with paraffin wax. Surface Quality.

(high quality brown aluminum oxide suppliers philippines)It is also easy to neutralize with alkali or alkaline oxides, and form water-insoluble saponification (stearate) to deteriorate the mold material(100 grit aluminum oxide media). These viscous saponification residues on the surface of the cavity will also affect the casting performance. Chemically pure stearic acid is a saturated fatty acid with a melting point of 69.4°C(brown fused alumina grit). Stearic acid is prepared from animal and vegetable fats and oils after pressure distillation and hydrolysis.

This mold material has a melting point of 66°C, a softening point of about 34°C(80 grit aluminum oxide), and an appearance of white flake crystals, solid stearic acid The texture is crisp and the strength is low. Industrial stearic acid contains a large amount of other saturated fatty acids, so the melting point is significantly reduced, and the softening point is about 35°C(240 grit aluminum oxide powder); when the temperature is higher than 120°C, it will be decomposed and carbonized.

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