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This concentration is called the optimal concentration(green carborundum). In addition, the concentration of the raw solution also has an effect on the particle size and strength of the product. The high concentration and low supersaturation are not conducive to the growth and agglomeration of the crystal, and the product strength is small(black aluminum oxide blast media). On the contrary, the concentration of the raw solution is low and the strength of the precipitated product is large.

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When decomposed at a higher temperature, the product particle size change is less affected by the concentration(brown fused alumina). The molecular ratio of the decomposition stock solution is the most important factor affecting the decomposition rate. According to the system equilibrium state, the sodium aluminate solution of a certain composition(black aluminium oxide), as the temperature decreases, its supersaturation increases, so the decomposition rate increases.(high quality brown corundum abrasive producers mexico)

Reducing the molecular ratio of sodium aluminate solution is one of the main ways to strengthen species and improve the technical and economic indicators of Bayer method(brown aluminum oxide). The combination of reducing the molecular ratio of the decomposition stock solution and appropriately increasing other concentrations is beneficial to the improvement of the species and the technical and economic indicators of the entire Bayer method(pink fused alumina). The so-called seed ratio is the ratio of the content of the added seed crystal to the content in the solution.

(high quality brown corundum abrasive producers mexico)When the other conditions are the same, but the low temperature also has an adverse effect(silicon carbide price), which increases the content of impurities (such as insoluble SiO2, Na2O) in the product. Therefore, in industrial production, the temperature decomposition system that gradually cools the solution is adopted(arc fused alumina). In the Bayer method, adding a large number of seed crystals to decompose the sodium aluminate solution is a very prominent feature.

Other decomposition conditions maintain the content of insoluble Na2O in a certain seed crystal at 0.2%(pink corundum); the initial decomposition process accelerates the secondary weighing process due to the low temperature, making the product particle size fine; low temperature decomposition, the viscosity of aluminum hydroxide slurry is large(glass beads supplier), and the product viscosity is fine, so that Difficulties occur in the process of separating aluminum hydroxide.(high quality brown corundum abrasive producers mexico)

As the decomposition process progresses, the solution supersaturation decreases rapidly(brown aluminium oxide). However, because the temperature continues to decrease, the decomposition can be continued under certain conditions and the whole decomposition process is more balanced. When the supersaturation of the solution is the same, the crystal growth rate of aluminum hydroxide is 6-10 times higher than that at 50°C at 85°C(black oxide aluminum). At this time, the decomposition rate and production capacity are obviously unfavorable. 

The number of added seeds is usually expressed by seed ratio (variety coefficient) or solidification (absolute amount of seed crystal). In the Bayer process factory producing sand-like alumina abroad(white alumina), the initial decomposition temperature is generally controlled at 70-85℃, and the unheated temperature is also higher at 50-60℃(silicon carbide companies). Zhengzhou Aluminum Plant produces The intermediate alumina has an initial temperature of about 65°C and a final temperature of 40°C.

(high quality brown corundum abrasive producers mexico)The so-called solid content refers to Al(0H)3 per liter of solution, and the number of seeds is expressed as grams per liter(black corundum). The number of seed crystals solid-transformed during production is staggering. In an alumina plant with a daily output of 1,000 tons, when the seed factor is 2, the number of aluminum hydroxide seed crystals in solid production exceeds 1500-1800 tons(fused alumina). A higher decomposition rate and unit capacity of the decomposition tank can be obtained.

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