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High Quality Brown Corundum Abrasive Suppliers China

The particles of Xuanjin move violently (Brownian motion) and do not settle due to the action of gravity(brown fused alumina). In a colloidal solution, the particle size in the colloid rises from 0.1 μ m to the molecular weight. The colloidal solution is very stable, so it is impossible to remove the coating particles contained by ordinary filtration method(green silicon carbide). The two solutions mentioned above are often encountered in the production of aluminum sulfate.

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If the impurities cannot be removed completely, the second reconstitution can be carried out(brown aluminum oxide). Therefore, in the production of aluminum sulfate saddle, the method of sedimentation or decantation is not used, and the method of filtration is simply used. In the former method, the filtration speed is slow, and the content of impurities in the stomach should not be too much, otherwise, the filtration is not clean(black silicon carbide). Sometimes, multiple reconstitution is needed to obtain pure compounds.

(high quality brown corundum abrasive suppliers china)Yan Benyuan of guode process proposed to use porous space to leave the most floating particles and let the liquid pass through(brown aluminium oxide). When using the reaction pot, due to the direct finger contact between the suspension and the surface of the porous smell barrier and the pressure difference between the front and the back of the barrier(white aluminum oxide sand), the liquid phase can pass through the barrier sclera, and the filtrate containing no solid particles can be collected.

The solid particles stay on the surface of the partition layer, forming filter slag and removing(white alumina). Before use, there are many materials used as the interlayer, such as filter cloth, filter paper, filter plate, etc. Different ink floats should be filtered with different materials. In some ways, the pressure difference formed by the self weight of the solution can be used for filtration, and the original strength difference can be increased for filtration(aluminum oxide abrasive). The ratio of material and water is 1:1.

Different methods are needed to remove these two impurities(black aluminum oxide). It has been discussed that the main impurities in the synthesis of aluminum sulfate are insoluble impurities and seaworthy impurities. Germany in the manufacture of aluminum sulfate dumplings do not use, generally with vacuum filtration(emery abrasive). The soluble impurities can be separated according to the law of dissolution and product formation and the difference of solubility of various substances.(high quality brown corundum abrasive suppliers china)

Coarse particle suspension can be separated from solution by settling or frequency analysis(pink aluminum oxide). The content of soluble Thai in the solution is much less than that of solute, and it is far away from the saturation degree. It will not crystallize and precipitate, so the precipitated solute is relatively low. This method of dissolving the substance of the finished product in solvent and then making the substance to be finished is called reconstituted product(aluminum oxide grit). When the product is cooled, the excess solute will form.

(high quality brown corundum abrasive suppliers china)In addition to the equipment for synthesis, the equipment needed for purification of aluminum ammonium sulfate also includes the vacuum system(silicon carbide abrasive). The operation process of the first recrystallization of aluminum sulfate is basically the same as that of the feeding synthesis(synthetic corundum). The difference is that the first recrystallization will put the cleaned aluminum iron sulfate into the reaction pot with water added in advance, and then it will be heated and dissolved.

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