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The results showed that the amount of carbon, carbon consumption and ammoniate loss were the main factors(brown fused alumina). The calculation formula of the national voltage drop of the carbon block is as follows: from the table, it can be seen that the average voltage drop of the new anode with high quality is 106 MV, and that of the ordinary new anode is 158 MV(emery abrasive). The power consumption can be saved by 160 kwh.

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However, the application of super high-quality anode is helpful to alleviate the current shortage of anode materials(pink corundum), that is, and also meets the current social requirements of energy saving and reduction of electrolyzers. The voltage drop of anode carbon block can be reduced by 50 MV(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer), and the power consumption per ton section can be reduced by 160 kwh, and the workload of upgrading can be reduced by 23%.

(high quality brown fused alumina factory canada)The table lists the input-output economic benefit comparison between the super high quality Yangqian and other transmission lines(brown aluminum oxide). This table does not include alumina, mechanical operation energy consumption, etc. Up to now, 23 virtual machines have been popularized, and the application effect is ideal(garnet abrasive). According to Gen Dao, the greater the strong electrode resistivity, the greater the voltage drop of the steel anode.

The second phase of the experiment started on March 26, and the refined number was 431 = electrolytic cell after overhaul of No.3 electrolytic workshop(silicon carbide abrasive). At present, the green block is very dense and airtight. Drive away the gas brewing room under the anode bottom palm(aluminum oxide abrasive). Due to the influence of the superstructure and the size of the slot strand, 580 mm is selected for the high-quality anode temperature separation.(high quality brown fused alumina factory canada)

In the process of high-pressure leaching of high-quality new green(brown aluminium oxide), we can see from the table that the power consumption and consumption saved by the ultra-high-quality anode, as well as the determination of pig iron and polar ring. The total cost of the dry anode is only 94 yuan lower than that of the ordinary pre cultured anode(garnet suppliers), which is due to the higher price of the dry anode than that of the ordinary pre cultured anode.

(high quality brown fused alumina factory canada)Anode consumption mainly includes consumption rate, carbon consumption with wrong carbon and the same period of replacement(green silicon carbide). The purpose of Li Chu section is to understand the economic and technical indicators of production. In order to achieve the goal of successive extinction effect(aluminum oxide grit). In the process of compilation, one third of the volatile matter of broken green volatilizes and air holes appear in the Yanglou.

Although the cost reduction is not obvious, the service life of the special quality anode can be effectively extended by 5 days, the anode replacement period can be extended from 8 days to 36 days(white alumina). The experimental results show that the new anode with high quality can be compared with the ordinary anode carbon block(abrasive grade aluminum oxide). With the improvement of the process, the price of the super high quality anode will be further reduced.(high quality brown fused alumina factory canada)

The experiment ended on May 2, and the anode replacement cycle is 36 days(black silicon carbide). It can be seen that the economic benefit of the super high quality anode is obvious. By changing the composition of the fine material in the burden and the process of one dip diene(synthetic corundum), the physical and chemical indexes of the anode are greatly improved, and the conductivity and oxidation resistance of the anode plate are significantly improved.

(high quality brown fused alumina factory canada)The service life of anode carbon block is 8 days longer than that of ordinary anode(black corundum). That is to say, the cycle of anode changing is 36 days, and the workload of working pole changing is reduced by 23%. The ultra high quality anode has stable operation in the experimental electrolyzer, uniform anode conductivity, strong anode oxidation resistance and thermal shock resistance(white aluminium oxide grains). The loss of building and block is small.

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