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The actual contact area is related to the surface roughness, that is to say, the curvature radius and the height distribution of the micro peak(low sodium white fused alumina). The contact deformation between the surfaces is not entirely plastic deformation but elastic deformation. However, many experiments have proved that the rapid wear stage is also known as the damage wear stage(80 grit aluminum oxide). The adhesion between metals occurs at the surface contact area.

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According to the working temperature, adhesive wear can be divided into low temperature adhesive wear and high temperature adhesive wear(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). In this way, with the progress of the process, the friction surface is gradually flattened, the actual contact area increases, and the corresponding wear amount Q increases rapidly at the beginning, and gradually slows down(white fused alumina abrasives). With the increase of time t or travel distance, the wear rate decreases.(high quality brown fused alumina factory indonesia)

When the contact surface begins to slide relative to each other, the high asperities which contact and weld will first be destroyed due to shear(120 grit aluminum oxide). Adhesive wear is also called occlusive wear or friction wear(brown fused alumina for sale). For steel, especially for alloy steel, the wear resistance of alloy steel should be further studied from the aspects of microstructure, properties, dynamic change law in friction process, content, size and fraction of carbides and tempering resistance of matrix.

(high quality brown fused alumina factory indonesia)They think that the curvature radius r at the top of the surface micro peak is very small(150 grit aluminum oxide), so the contact stress is easy to reach D, resulting in plastic deformation. In the stable wear stage, after running in, the micro geometry of the surface changes and the contact area increases(brown fused alumina grit). At this time, the wear has been stabilized, the wear amount q is proportional to the time t, and the wear rate remains basically unchanged, namely t segment.

Fracture separation after adhesion does not necessarily occur at the initial contact surface(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers). Due to the rapid increase of temperature or the change of surface metal structure, the wear speed increases rapidly, the wear amount Q increases sharply, the working conditions deteriorate, the mechanical efficiency decreases, the accuracy decreases, and the abnormal noise and vibration appear(silicon carbide abrasive powder), which finally leads to the complete failure of the parts.

The surface is rough and uneven, and there are various defects in the surface due to processing(alumina grit). When the two friction surfaces slide relatively, plastic flow (represented by solid lines) occurs on the surface due to the friction force, and the surface defects continue to expand. For example, the wear resistance of mixed alloy is better than that of solid solution alloy. A low surface velocity is used to keep the friction heat to a minimum(pink aluminium oxide). Some metals adhere to the surface of another metal.(high quality brown fused alumina factory indonesia)

At the same time, the friction surface is hardened, so the elastic contact conditions are established(100 grit aluminum oxide media). At that time, the adhesion of eutectoid carbon steel was more difficult than that of austenitic stainless steel or pure iron, the friction coefficient of eutectoid steel and eutectoid steel was lower, and the wear of austenite and austenite was much more serious(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Cracks in the surface layer extend to the surface and the metal is torn off from the surface to form abrasive particles.

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