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High Quality Brown Fused Alumina For Abrasive Malaysia

The main application field of hand-held grinding tools: using handheld resin grinding wheels to process large and heavy workpieces that are difficult to install on the grinding machine(brown fused alumina). In addition, in grain processing , Medical and geological exploration and other fields have been applied(glass beads supplier). When large plates are made into circular or other complicated shapes, the slag generated by the gas turning must be removed by a portable waste machine.

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Used for sculpture processing on irregularly shaped surfaces(brown aluminum oxide). Resin flake grinding wheels are mainly used for the cutting of metal materials such as copper rods, steel pipes, flat steel, angle irons, channel steel, rails, and steel plates in the metallurgical industry; such as the cutting of hard steel and metal carbides, and hard and brittle non-metallic materials Processing(silicon carbide companies). The grinding process required for small adjustments.

For example, to calibrate fittings on limited parts of common large parts, use high-speed shaped grinding wheels, etc.(brown aluminium oxide), to finally shape the workpiece or round the joint between the workpiece and the adjacent part, and grind the workpiece that has been assembled or welded. At the same time(low sodium white fused alumina), use high-speed shaped grinding wheel or steel paper to grind the workpiece that has been assembled with other parts.

Such as mold processing, workpiece finishing, such as rough grinding of large castings(white aluminium oxide). That is, it is required to perform reverse drawing or smooth grinding on the workpiece to make its surface beautiful and satisfactory performance, but there is no strict requirement on the shape and size, such as(arc fused alumina): using bendable handsome grinding wheel to process stainless steel products, and PVA grinding wheel to process stone.

Such as the processing of car bodies(black aluminum oxide). Do a small amount of grinding on a limited area of the workpiece surface to form a special shape, such as sharp grinding of various tools. Implanted grinding wheels improve the grinding process conditions of bolt-fastened grinding wheels, electrolytic drip-oriented grinding wheels, polishing grinding wheels(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit): and cylindrical, sulfur-shaped, medium-shaped and other special-shaped grinding wheels.

Such as: heavy construction components and ship components(pink aluminum oxide). Resin abrasives are mainly used in steel, automobiles, bearings, expressways, vehicles, shipbuilding, chemicals, instrumentation, aerospace, building materials and other mechanical processing industries(fused alumina). During the welding operation, the welded garden that remains on the surface of the weldment should be smoothed and rounded by rough grinding.

Processing application areas: such as wood, rubber, plastics, glass, ceramics, stone, copper, aluminum, cast iron, steel, etc.(silicon carbide price), as well as cemented carbide, high-speed steel, high drink system, titanium steel, stainless steel, etc. Rough grinding refers to the grinding method with the main feature of efficiently cutting a large amount of excess material(white aluminium oxide super fine), and rough grinding is a common name widely used in many kinds of rough grinding processing.

According to different processing purposes and dosage(green carborundum), it can be used for rough grinding, rough grinding, semi-fine grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding and high precision low roughness grinding. According to the different processing objects, cylindrical grinding, inner grinding, surface grinding, tool grinding, special dark cutting, welding grinding, listening grinding(black oxide aluminum), super finishing, grinding and polishing, etc.

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