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High Quality Brown Fused Alumina For Sale USA

The tunnel dryer is a tunnel-type continuous drying equipment(garnet abrasive). Countercurrent drying is suitable for materials with low final moisture content, such as clinker. Drying conditions of the products in the dryer can be controlled by changing the humidity and temperature, quantity and speed of the drying medium, air pressure, cart speed(silicon carbide grit suppliers), and the height of the brick stacking of the products on the drying cart.

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There are tracks at the bottom of the tunnel, the side walls are made of red brick, and drying doors are provided at both ends(garnet suppliers). The tunnel dryer adopts the counter-current drying principle, and the air flow direction is opposite to the moving direction of the kiln car(carborundum powder). At a certain time, a drying truck loaded with bricks is delivered from the tunnel entry end, the dried truck loaded with dried bricks is ejected from the exit end.

The drying medium is sent to the vehicle from the exit of the tunnel, flows through the tunnel(brown fused alumina), exchanges heat with the bricks, and then is drawn out from the entrance of the vehicle, and exhausted into the atmosphere through the chimney. The drum body of the drum dryer is installed at a slope of 3%~6%(aluminum oxide blasting), and rotates at 2~10r/min. is widely used to dry clay, dolomite and other materials in the production of refractory materials in China.

The temperature of the hot air entering the tunnel dryer varies according to the type of bricks being dried, generally 90~160℃(brown aluminum oxide); the temperature of the exhaust gas should not be lower than the dew point, usually around 60C. When the flue gas is used as the drying medium, and at the same time(glass bead blasting media suppliers), the dryer should be operated under negative pressure to prevent the flue gas from escaping and hindering human health.

Co-current drying is suitable for materials with high water content and product quality changes such as soft clay(brown aluminium oxide). The tunnel dryer can be operated continuously, the structure is simple, the operation is convenient, the drying system is easy to control, the quality is good, the output is high, the labor intensity is low, and the working conditions are good(silicon carbide abrasive powder). Therefore, it is widely used for drying various refractory bricks.

The wet material is added from the feeding end of the barrel, and effectively contacts the drying medium within the simplified style(white alumina). With the rotation of the barrel, and by the lifting of the material plate in the barrel, it runs under the force of gravity until the discharge end is dried and discharged Out(alumina polishing powder). Drying equipment includes tunnel dryers, tumble dryers, chamber dryers, belt dryers, flow dryers, and far-infrared dryers.

The cylinder body should have sufficient rigidity and strength(aluminum oxide abrasive). It is supported on the supporting wheel at an angle with the help of a rolling ring. The inner wall of the cylinder is provided with a lifting device. The discharge end is a blank section. Adjusting the oil supply can change the speed of the chain plate(steel grid). The frame is composed of head and tail brackets, chain plate guide rails, grid guide rails and blanking plates.

Drum dryer is divided into direct heat transfer type, indirect heat transfer type and compound heat transfer type according to the heating method of the material to be dried(aluminum oxide grit). Direct heat transfer type can be divided into two types of co-current drying and counter-current drying according to the flow direction of materials and drying media(aluminium oxide polishing powder). The feed end is equipped with a spiral guide plate. Its body consists of a group of parallel tunnels.

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