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High Quality Brown Fused Alumina Micropowder Russia

After drying or burning, the shear test is carried out at room temperature until the bonding surface breaks(brown fused alumina). Dynamic methods include ultrasonic method, resonance method, audio frequency method (percussion method) and so on(aluminum oxide grit). The performance of refractory materials refers to the performance of refractory materials when used at high temperatures, hydration resistance and CO corrosion resistance. 

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The refractory high-temperature end deformation refers to the isothermal deformation of the surface of the product under stress at high temperature with time(brown aluminum oxide). According to the way of applying external force, high temperature creep can be divided into high temperature compression creep, high temperature tensile creep, high temperature bending creep and high temperature torsional wax deformation(synthetic corundum).

Research on the structural changes of refractory materials due to stress under high temperature, check the quality of products and evaluate the production process(brown aluminium oxide). The Chinese standard (GB / T5073-1985) stipulates the compressive creep test method for refractory products(emery abrasive). Elastic modulus refers to the relationship between the stress generated by the material under external force and the elastic deformation of elongation or compression.

In addition, the marriage curve of refractory products at different temperatures and loads can be measured to understand the minimum temperature at which the product will creep(white alumina), the creep rate at different temperatures and the deformation characteristics under high temperature stress, and determine the temperature range and high temperature of the product to maintain its elastic state(garnet abrasive). Plastic temperature range, etc.

This is of practical significance in predicting the change in load of refractory products in actual application during kiln design and evaluating the performance of the products(silicon carbide abrasive). The principle is that under constant pressure, a sample of a specified size is heated at a certain temperature increase rate, and a constant temperature is specified at a specified test temperature, and the deformation of the sample over time is recorded(garnet suppliers).

Also known as Young's modulus(green silicon carbide). It characterizes the ability of the material to resist deformation, and is related to the strength, deformation, fracture and other properties of the material. It is one of the important mechanical parameters of the material. The methods of measuring elastic modulus include static method and dynamic method(steel grid). The main point is that the blocks of refractory bricks are bonded with the refractory mud for testing.

Static methods include direct stretching method (also known as static load method), resistance strain method, bending deflection method, flexibility correction method, etc(black silicon carbide). The most commonly used method is the audio frequency method. The basic principle is that the natural vibration frequency of an elastomer is known to depend on its shape, bulk density and elastic modulus(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Frequency, the elastic modulus can be obtained.

The measuring method is that an acoustic oscillator that can continuously change the frequency excites one end of the sample to measure the natural frequency of the material(aluminum oxide abrasive). Including refractoriness, load softening temperature, reburning line change rate, thermal shock resistance, slag resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, oxidation resistance(brown aluminum oxide grit). The value is the ratio of normal stress to strain on the specimen cross section.

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