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High Quality Brown Fused Alumina Suppliers United States

The higher the load, the longer the sliding distance, the more serious the wear(silicon carbide abrasive). For brittle materials, there is a critical indentation depth, beyond which cracks are easy to form and expand, resulting in the increase of wear, and the relationship between load and wear is nonlinear. According to the different origin and development of cracks, fatigue wear can be divided into the following three cases(aluminum oxide grit). Cracks originate from the surface.

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If the carbide is softer than the abrasive, the wear resistance of the material increases with the increase of carbide hardness(brown fused alumina). The wear resistance can be improved by increasing the amount of carbides, decreasing the size and increasing the dispersion in the soft matrix(green silicon carbide). After a certain period of time, the small pitting develops into mottled spalling pits, the rolling object first seals the crack opening, secondary and tertiary spalling, and finally leads to the failure of parts.(high quality brown fused alumina suppliers united states)

When a new friction part is just in contact, it is easy to produce small pockmarks due to less contact points and larger contact stress(brown aluminum oxide). However, after a certain contact time, the contact area gradually increases, and the compressive stress decreases. At the same time, the surface strength of plastic materials increases due to work hardening(synthetic corundum). Finally, due to the lack of strength, it broke into metal debris and left pitted spalling pits. Surface fatigue wear can be divided into non expansibility and expansibility.

At this time, the pitting will not continue to occur and the machine can work normally(brown aluminium oxide). For example, in the contact process of two gears, there are not only alternating contact compressive stress surface, but also shear stress. Extended surface fatigue wear when the alternating load acting on the two friction surfaces is large, at the same time, due to the poor plasticity of the material or improper lubrication(black silicon carbide), pockmarks will appear in the running in stage.

(high quality brown fused alumina suppliers united states)The maximum compressive stress occurs on the surface, that is, while the maximum shear stress occurs at a certain distance from the surface(white alumina). After the surface compressive stress and shear stress repeatedly act for a certain number of times, the material surface will produce local plastic deformation and work hardening. In some parts of the uneven structure, it is easy to form crack source, which leads to the appearance and diffusion of cracks.

When there is lubricating oil on the contact surface and the rolling direction is consistent with the crack tip direction, and the lubricating oil in the crack is blocked in the crack(black corundum). Under the action of contact pressure stress, high-pressure oil wave is generated, which forces the crack to expand to 30 ° to 45 ° direction(aluminum oxide abrasive). When sliding friction or rolling has sliding friction, especially when there are defects on the surface, cracks are easily generated from the surface.

When the crack originates from the pure rolling of sub surface, the maximum shear stress is produced at a certain depth below the surface(pink corundum). If there is a defect at this place, the stress concentration will occur under the action of periodic maximum cutting force, resulting in fatigue crack(emery abrasive). The crack will develop along the direction of shear stress or the direction of inclusion, expand to the surface or intersect with the longitudinal crack and become wear debris.(high quality brown fused alumina suppliers united states)

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