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High Quality Carborundum Grit Wholesale Suppliers Israel

Several properties of refractory materials depend on their phase composition, distribution and the characteristics of each phase, that is, the chemical mineral composition of the product(brown fused alumina).  The added ingredients are divided into mineralizers, stabilizers and sintering agents according to their purposes and functions(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). Alkaline refractories contain considerable amounts of MgO and CaO.

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The chemical composition of refractories is the chemical composition of refractories, which is one of the most basic characteristics of refractory products(brown aluminum oxide). Generally, the chemical composition of refractory materials is divided into two parts according to the content of each component and its role, that is, an absolute large amount of basic components-a main component and a small amount of subordinate components-a secondary component(garnet abrasive).

In the production of refractory products, in order to promote the high temperature change and reduce the sintering temperature, sometimes a small amount of added ingredients are added(brown fused alumina price). Auxiliary components are the impurity components accompanying the raw materials and the additional components (additives) added especially during the process(garnet suppliers). Its nature and quantity directly determine the nature of the product. 

Refractory materials can be divided into three categories: acidic, neutral and alkaline according to the chemical properties of their main components(white alumina). For example, the main component of the chemical composition of magnesium refractory materials is MgO, and other oxide components are all dry impurity components(wholesale brown fused alumina). The flux temperature of the eutectic liquid phase of the system is reduced due to the flux of the impurity component.

The most acidic refractories are silicon refractories, which are almost composed of 94% ~ 97% free silica (SiO2)(green silicon carbide). Compared with siliceous clay refractory materials, the amount of free silica SiO2 is less and is weakly acidic. Semi-silicon refractories are in between. Neutral refractory materials are strictly carbon refractory materials(glass bead blasting media suppliers). High aluminum refractory materials (Al2O3, over 45%) are acidic and tend to be neutral refractory materials.

Chromium refractories are alkaline and tend to be neutral(black silicon carbide). Magnesia and dolomite refractories are strongly alkaline, and chromium-magnesium and forsterite refractories and spinel refractories are weakly alkaline refractories(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit). This classification is of great significance for understanding the chemical properties of refractory materials and judging the chemical interaction between them and between refractory materials and contact objects during use.

Most of the raw materials of refractory materials are natural minerals, and the refractory materials (or raw materials) contain a certain amount of impurities(aluminum oxide abrasive). These impurities are certain oxides or compounds that can interact with the refractory matrix to reduce its refractory performance, that is, impurities commonly known as fluxes(steel grid). The main component may be an oxide, or it may be an element or a non-oxide compound.

The lower the temperature of the eutectic liquid phase, the more liquid phase is produced per unit flux, and the faster the liquid phase volume increases with temperature, the lower the viscosity and the better the wettability, the stronger the effect of impurity flux(aluminum oxide grit). The main component is the component that constitutes the refractory matrix in the refractory product and is the basis of the characteristics of the refractory material(brown fused alumina suppliers).

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