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High Quality Carborundum Powder Suppliers China

In addition, the self weight is 5 tons, the power is 75 horsepower, and the compressed air medical force is 7 kg / cm(brown fused aluminum oxide). The expansion size of the spray gun is 3-13m, and the consumption of gunning coating is 200-300 kg; the up and down movement angle is 20 °, and the rotation angle is 340 °(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). With the increase of unit consumption of refractory coating, the lining life of oxygen converter increases.

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Recently, the content of Cao has been increased appropriately, and the effect is better(white aluminium oxide). The high-temperature bending strength of the fire-resistant spray coating is 2.8-10.0kg/cm, and the high-temperature adhesion strength is 1.5-11.0kg/cm, so it has good bonding performance with the furnace lining brick, and there is little thermal peeling phenomenon(arc fused alumina). The performance of coating for converter in Japan is shown in the table.

In this way, it is convenient for pneumatic conveying, good bonding with lining brick during gunning, and small rebound loss. There are various types of sprayers(black aluminum oxide). The application of gunning technology in 225 electric converter lining of Ford company in the United States has significantly improved the furnace life(buy brown fused alumina). Since 1978, the furnace life has increased to more than 1000 heats, and the highest furnace life is 1444 heats.

In order to reduce the labor intensity and improve the spray repair effect, that is to say(brown fused alumina), to improve the adhesion rate of the spray coating, to make the spray coating fine and compact, and to reduce the porosity, foreign countries generally use the remote automatic control spray device(black silicon carbide). The technical performance of the machine is as follows: 3.5m in length, 1.4m in width, 2.1m in height, and 4.5m in turning radius of gun base.

The control range of the main chemical composition of the spray coating is as follows: mgo80 ~ 86%, ca05 ~ 12%. The water volume is also 0.6m(pink aluminum oxide). At the same time, equipped with infrared thickness gauge, it can automatically measure the residual thickness of furnace lining, so that the gunning operation is accurate, before smelting 500-1000 heats, the thickness of furnace lining is uniform, and the service life is long(white aluminum oxide abrasive).

The gunning of oxygen converter lining can increase the furnace life and bring side effects of destroying the original brick lining(brown aluminium oxide). However, the practice in most countries proves that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Local gunning can prolong lining life by 10-26%, and preventive gunning can increase furnace life by 40-60%(fused alumina). The volume of material tank is 0.6m, which can hold one nap of material each time.

For example, when the converter was treated to 660 heats, holes appeared in the lining area, so the furnace was gunned up in an acute manner, and the lining was changed after the converter was smelted to 1701 heats(green silicon carbide). There are two converter workshops in the West Siberia metallurgical plant of the Soviet Union, with furnace capacity of 130 tons and 350 tons respectively. Before 1977, the average furnace life was 600 heats(white aluminum oxide blast media).

Generally, Japan's oxygen converter adopts preventive gunning measures(brown aluminum oxide), that is, each 3-4 heats of steel is gunned once, when the furnace age reaches 1000-2000 heats, the local melting loss part of furnace lining is gunned centrally, and the consumption of gunning coating is 300-500 kg for each 2-3 heats of steel(corundum white); Subsequently, the longer the converter life is, the larger the gunning frequency and material consumption are.

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