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High Quality Carborundum Powder Suppliers USA

At the same time, when we talk about abrasives, we will think of white corundum, black corundum and brown corundum. These three kinds of corundum are used in abrasive materials and refractories. The hardness of white corundum ≥ brown corundum ≥ black corundum(aluminum oxide abrasive).  However, due to various reasons, the use of 25 mm is appropriate, not only powder, melting and cracking will occur, but also melting point will be reduced.

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Because they have different characteristics and advantages, they will have great differences in use(pink corundum). What is the difference between them before? Let's make it popular for you. Use white corundum powder instead of white corundum Jade powder can improve its high temperature resistance(aluminum oxide grit). The price generally fluctuates between 3500-5500 yuan / ton. Therefore, the quality of white fused alumina powder as refractory must be guaranteed.

(high quality carborundum powder suppliers usa)White corundum white transparent, brown corundum brown black, brown red, crimson, black corundum black and with metallic color. The alumina content of white corundum ≥ 99.2%, brown corundum 94% ≤ alumina content ≤ 75%, black corundum 45% ≤ alumina content ≤ 75%(steel shot abrasive). Use of white corundum: high-end use; use of brown corundum: large goods of market consumption; use of black corundum: special use.

Due to the different content of brown corundum, the final quality and price are also different(brown aluminum oxide). But the most important thing is to choose the suitable brown corundum according to the different uses of the products. The rate of oxygen leaving the nozzle must be more than 12 m / s, otherwise it will cause the risk of "tempering" explosion(glass beads manufacturers). The main reason is that the density of refractories increases with the addition of corundum powder.(high quality carborundum powder suppliers usa)

According to the oxygen flow rate of 0.6 ~ 1.2 m / h during crystal growth, the true diameter of nozzle outlet is 1.5 ~ 4.5 mm(brown fused aluminum oxide), the diameter of SZ nozzle outlet is 4.5 mm, and its straight part is 2 mm. This kind of nozzle is widely used for growing red and white jade products(brown aluminium oxide). In addition, another characteristic of the flame melting method is that the growth rate is faster than other methods, generally 10 ~ 15 mm per hour.

(high quality carborundum powder suppliers usa)In addition to refractory materials, the burner nozzle is deformed due to high temperature and red burning, and the oxygen nozzle is also affected(white aluminium oxide). High quality white corundum powder has stable thermochemical properties and can be used in refractory industry in most cases. Low quality corundum powder has certain high temperature resistance(garnet abrasive price). Alumina powder is commonly used in refractories, which is conducive to crystallization.

White corundum powder can also be used as additive of other refractories to greatly improve its properties(green carborundum). For some shaped or unshaped refractories, filling the pores with white corundum powder can increase the bulk density and reduce the porosity(glass bead abrasive). On the other hand, due to the strength of white corundum itself, its inner diameter is 25 mm, the lightweight of refractories will also be improved accordingly, the mixing will accelerate.

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