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High Quality Chrome Alumina Manufacturers Germany

Generally, high thermal conductivity, small expansion coefficient, and high porosity can improve the thermal shock stability of the material(black silicon carbide factory). The solvated film on the outside of the colloidal particles prevents the particles from contacting each other closely, so the thicker the solvated film, the more stable the colloidal solution(aluminum oxide manufacturers). This is the main factor that stabilizes the solution: another factor is solvation.

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If the material has a low elastic modulus and high mechanical strength, its thermal shock stability is also good(brown fused alumina price). The relationship between these factors and thermal shock stability can be expressed as: thermal shock stability is an important performance of the shell, and the generation of stress is the main reason for the crack of the shell(aluminum oxide crystals). Silica sol has a tendency to spontaneously agglomerate and is relatively stable.(high quality chrome alumina manufacturers germany)

When the kinetic energy of the Brownian motion of the particles can overcome the repulsive force(aluminum oxide blast media), the particles collide with each other, causing the sol to condense. If the electrolyte is added to the silica sol, its stability will be greatly affected; however, between the particles(aluminium oxide manufacturers), because their surfaces are charged with the same polarity, generate electrostatic repulsion and prevent each other from approaching.

(high quality chrome alumina manufacturers germany)Due to the addition of the electrolyte, the total ion concentration in the silica sol solution is increased(white aluminium oxide), which increases the possibility of the charged colloidal particles attracting counter ions, so that more diffused counter ions enter the adsorption layer, and the diffusion double layer is thinned(white aluminium oxide powder 320 grit). The potential decreases, the solvation effect decreases, and the mutual repulsion between particles decreases.

The smaller the particle(fused aluminium oxide), the more indirect contact points of the particle, the stronger the mutual connection, and the higher the strength of the shell; on the contrary, the larger the particle size, the smaller the contact points between each other will affect the strength(according to Einstein formula)(brown aluminium oxide grains). Silica sol is a stable dispersion system formed by SiO2 colloidal particles using water as the dispersion medium.(high quality chrome alumina manufacturers germany)

Therefore, the particle diameter of silica sol not only affects the stability of the binder, but also affects the strength of the shell(black aluminum oxide); therefore, as measured by its comprehensive process performance, that is, the particle diameter of the silica sol binder for investment casting should be between 7 and 20 nm. should(aluminum oxide suppliers). In addition, the gelation of silica sol is the result of aggregation of SiO2 particles in the sol.

(high quality chrome alumina manufacturers germany)Therefore, silica sol with a higher concentration has better stability when its particle size is appropriately large(100 grit aluminum oxide). The stability of silica sol is also greatly affected by pH, and its relationship with pH is basically similar to that of water glass. The pH value of silica sol is in the alkaline range of 8.5~10.5, they will repel each other, and it has high stability(alumina suppliers); when the pH value is about 5~6, the stability is the worst.

The stability of acidic silica sol is generally lower than that of alkaline silica sol(pink aluminum oxide). Its viscosity is affected by many factors. When the dispersion medium remains unchanged, the viscosity is mainly determined by the volume fraction of the dispersed phase SiO2(aluminum oxide blast media 36 grit). In addition, the viscosity of silica sol is also affected by the shape and size of the SiO2 particles, the density of the particles, and the temperature.

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