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High Quality Chrome Corundum Wholesale Price

brown aluminum oxide is brown, generally w (A1203) ≥ 94.5%, w (Si02) ≤ 3.5%, w (Ti02) ≤ 3.5%, w (Fe203) ≤ 1%. The mineral composition is mainly a-A120. The central part of the crystal shape is rhomboid, thick plate and cracked particles. There are many silica and calcium oxide melt crystals in the periphery, white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit which are long plate-like, and the coarsest grains are Braided lamellae.

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Since the impurities have not been completely removed, the brown fused alumina also contains a secondary phase such as calcium hexaaluminate, calcium plagioclase, spinel, rutile, and a glass phase, an iron alloy, and a solid solution. Brown corundum is mainly used as an abrasive. The physical and mechanical properties of the workpiece being ground and polished are also critical to the choice of aluminum oxide grit abrasive grain size.(high quality chrome corundum wholesale price)

In recent years, it has been used as an aggregate for large and medium-sized blast furnace tapping castables and tapping waterless mortar, as well as raw materials for making ordinary corundum bricks (including high alumina silicon carbide bricks). The dense fused corundum is made of industrial black silicon carbide as a raw material, added with an admixture, and melted in an electric furnace. Smelting should be strictly carried out to control the excessive formation of carbides.

brown fused aluminum oxide abrasive can be used in various industrial polishing applications. The appearance of dense fused corundum is gray, grayish black or grayish white, w(A1203)≥98%, the apparent porosity is lower than that of fused white corundum, generally not more than 3%, the bulk density is not more than 3.8g/cm3, and the main crystalline phase is a-A1203, the secondary phase has FeTiO3, CaA11209, Ca3Si809, TiN, Ti407, etc., and a small amount of glass phase.(high quality chrome corundum wholesale price)

The content of C in dense white aluminium oxide should be no more than 0.14%, and the formation of β-A1203 should be minimized to improve the strength and corrosion resistance of corundum particles. When dense fused corundum contains more carbides (Al4C3, Al404C, Al2C), the carbides can react with water at normal temperature: Al4C3+12H20→4AI(OH)3+3CH4 ↑ can cause green silicon carbide particles . When the amorphous refractory is configured, the construction may be loose, swell, or even severely cracked.

(high quality chrome corundum wholesale price)The hue of white fused aluminum oxide depends to a large extent on the content of oxidized chin remaining in the product. Dense fused corundum is often used as an aggregate in refractory products, and its application in amorphous refractories is expanding. As the most commonly used abrasive in the industry, 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media is a well-deserved choice. The requirements for particle size, quality and quality of different products are different in different fields.

So how should the particle size of black aluminum oxide abrasive be selected? The processing precision and production efficiency requirements of industrial products for casting castings determine the choice of particle size for the use of brown fused alumina abrasive. Generally, the coarse-grained and medium-grained products of brown corundum are mainly applied to the roughing or semi-finishing of industrial workpieces; while the fine-grained silicon carbide abrasive is mostly used in the finishing and ultra-fine processing of workpieces.(high quality chrome corundum wholesale price)

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