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High Quality Corundum Abrasive Manufacturers Portugal

With the continuous advancement of society, we are paying more and more attention to abrasives. Of course, among the abrasives, brown aluminium oxide is preferred. Because brown fused alumina is almost everywhere in our life, there is a problem that keeps me thinking about it. Solve, brown jasper has all the advantages, can have such an important position in the aluminum oxide abrasive media, today to share with you.

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Another advantage of brown fused alumina is that it also has a protective effect on the environment, and it will not cause any harm to our body. From the name, we can see the first major feature of brown corundum, that is, the hardness of hard, brown corundum is indeed Abrasives are second to none, and its wear resistance is self-evident, and the high temperature resistance of silicon carbide abrasive itself is relatively high.

(high quality corundum abrasive manufacturers portugal)What harm does the body produce? Speaking of the advantages of green silicon carbide, we must first talk about the characteristics of brown corundum. It is because brown fused alumina has these characteristics, so it is very good when grinding. The material, and the consumption of the mold is also very small, which is the first advantage of 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media. To process the corundum size.

Other black silicon carbide abrasives are relatively dusty, and the dust is large, which proves that the particles in the air will also increase, so the harm to the human body is quite large, and the brown fused alumina is different, because brown The purity of corundum is relatively high, so the dust left during the aluminium oxide blasting grit grinding process is very small, it will not increase the particles in the air, so it is also very beneficial to the environment, and it will not be human.

(high quality corundum abrasive manufacturers portugal)This is the second advantage of aluminum oxide abrasive. The raw materials of brown aluminum oxide are three kinds of bauxite, iron filings and carbon electrodes. Brown corundum is used in the processing of abrasive tools, and its manufactured products have the function of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. When the temperature trend is relatively large, the performance of the aluminium oxide abrasive grit is relatively stable.

Named after melting into a brown man-made product. It has been confirmed by the long-term experiment of aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit that the characteristics of brown corundum have the advantages of no bursting and no powdering in use, and can be used with confidence. The production of brown fused alumina has a long time. The quality of the aluminum oxide grit produced is different from that of other manufacturers. The quality grade is clearly divided.(high quality corundum abrasive manufacturers portugal)

The price is far better than most aluminium oxide grit suppliers, and the manufacture of brown fused alumina is also very user-friendly, according to the requirements of users. Although the chemical composition and particle size are related, the smaller the corundum particle size, the greater the impact resistance. The aluminum oxide blasting abrasive particles after crushing during processing are mostly spherical, and the surface is clean and of high purity.

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