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Professor Ji Zhuxian pointed out that the fundamental reason for the anodic effect is the change in the anodic reaction mechanism(brown aluminium oxide grit), and the deterioration of the wettability plays a role in boosting the adjustment. Strengthened the stability of the positive stock effect. The rot on the peak is described(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit). The mesh air film is destroyed, the current can pass through normally, and the number should be extinguished.

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The common characteristics of the building effect are(white fused alumina for refractory): the composition of the electrode gas changes, and there is a large amount of alkaline compounds; the oxidation content in the electrolyte is too low (0.45% to 0.1%); the anode gas is in the bottom of the rigid electrode and the fruit is coke(brown aluminum oxide grit). It is insoluble in wood, but can be dissolved in molten cryolite. It is the main raw material of electrolytic aluminum.

(high quality corundum sand suppliers canada)"Dry" means that aluminum enters the cryochite melt and chemically reacts with carbon at the interface between the carbon and the cryochite melt to form carbide buttons(aluminum oxide sandblasting). Alumina is dioxin trioxide, and its molecular formula is a fine white powder extracted from bauxite, with good magnetic mobility(brown aluminum oxide sand). The process is simple, low investment, low maintenance and production cost, and good product quality.

When the electrolyte temperature is too low, anodic effect may also occur when the content of silver oxide is around %(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). The occurrence of the anode effect causes an increase in the overheating and volatilization loss of the electrolyte: it increases the power consumption outside the range, the loss of the belt energization(brown aluminum oxide factory), a large amount of CF and CGF auspicious gases are produced on the anode.(high quality corundum sand suppliers canada)

The anode gas begins to collect in large amounts on the anode gas, separating the electrolyte from the anode, causing an effect(aluminum oxide blasting). This theory thinks. The friend effect occurs due to the charging nature of the anode gas and the electrostatic attraction between it and the anode(white fused alumina micro powder). Under normal circumstances, the gas robe in the electrolyte is positively charged, so it is exhausted by the anode and is difficult to collect.

(high quality corundum sand suppliers canada)However, the occurrence of the anode effect is conducive to the separation of the electrolyte carbon flow(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer); the lines attached to the surface of the anode can be cleaned, which is conducive to the melting and electrolysis of the phytose bottom sediment. In production, in order to eliminate the anode effect(aluminium oxide suppliers), it is usually first to add alumina to the Yinnei, and then the Ming and Yang two-stage partial short circuits.

Its melting point is 2050℃, its true density is 3.5~3.6g/em, and its taxable density is 1g/em(white aluminium oxide blasting media). my country's oxidation industry started Mainly the line knot method of multiple processes, and then gradually formed the joint production technology(white alumina grit). It is true that the results of the remuneration of the anode and slow gas on the industrial electrolysis cell show that the actual gas may not be 100% CO gas.(high quality corundum sand suppliers canada)

Solid is a mixed gas(brown aluminum oxide blast media). There are several reasons for this phenomenon: when the anode current density is very low and the overvoltage is very small, the acid may directly generate CO gas, and the current rate is reduced; and the aluminum dissolved in the electrolyte and CO in the anode gas(white aluminium oxide grit). After 2004, the newly-built alumina production enterprises basically adopted the ear method to produce the oxidation part.

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