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High Quality Garnet 120 Mesh Suppliers Indonesia

After the height is lifted and electrolyzed, the flow work is convenient(pink aluminum oxide). The specific methods and requirements are as follows: blow out the residual gas in the tube, remove the nuclear media plugs of each branch tube, and lift out the branch tube system energy one by one(brown aluminum oxide sand). Raise the gas pipeline between the degassing pipe and the main pipeline. Monitor the temperature for abnormal points.

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And quickly move the pipeline to the outside of the car(green carborundum). Press the electric thin cut button of the main control box, turn on the power supply, connect the electricity removal class from the sugar box seam bridge, and put the power cord to the main control car on the main road after watching. Install the power switch in place(white fused alumina micro powder). If the bottom square steel temperature is normal, it reaches the standard group.

(high quality garnet 120 mesh suppliers indonesia)As the temperature rises, the quality of electrical services gradually improves, the voltage gradually decreases, and the voltage is very high(aluminium oxide suppliers). Under normal circumstances, the gyro reading needs to be adjusted to more than 100. After the electrical quality is filled and the full current is applied(white corundum abrasive). When raising the voltage, be sure to observe the flue end flow surface, and do not push it too fast or too high.

Control the temperature of the electrolyte, the lowest temperature can not be 970℃(brown fused alumina price), the highest should not be higher than 990℃, which can not only ensure the full melting of the materials, but also ensure the slow melting of the electrolyte on the furnace bottom and the side handle(white alumina grit). The height of electrolyte discharge can no longer meet the requirements of cross-flow, and it is difficult to carry out precision-finishing.

(high quality garnet 120 mesh suppliers indonesia)It is judged that the stalk has the appearance of partial electrolyte seepage, the voltage is maintained between 6 and 7V(garnet abrasive), the electrical equipment is evenly distributed, the electrical use remains stable, and it enters the material melting process because it does not need to be made of brown carbon(garnet mesh 30 60). When it comes to filling aluminum, focus on controlling the temperature of the electrolytic shield.

4 hours after the power on, the material has been melted, and the automatic feeding control is put in(white aluminium oxide). Cause the temperature of the heat dissipation window and the bottom of the furnace to increase. Observe the electrolyte status to ensure that it filters well(aluminium oxide for blasting). The operating switch is closed to disconnect the short-circuit port, the electrolytic cell is energized, mainly due to the high resistance of the electrolyte.(high quality garnet 120 mesh suppliers indonesia)

Carry out the micro-current distribution lake test and the "three-temperature" female mold steel bar, bottom protection steel plate, heat release window) test(white aluminium oxide blasting media). The condition is that there is no solid in the situation, the electrolyte fluidity is good, and it works well with the pole, the electrolyte temperature is about 980℃(abrasive blasting grit), the H special device reading is above 110, and the electrolyte height is about 40em.

(high quality garnet 120 mesh suppliers indonesia)It is necessary to hide and break as soon as possible(black aluminum oxide), because the boss is conductive and concentrated in the electrolyte for a long time, and it is easy to fall off the screen, but the recognition time is too early, and it is easy to poison the aluminum into the cathode and bury hidden dangers for the life of the cell(white aluminum oxide sand). The second filling of electrolyte is required, the total amount is 3 to 5 tons. Ya electrolyte.

The magic detection in Sisuke was fine, and the body stone was not melted and produced during the start-up period(brown aluminum oxide grit), and the voltage is 10~12V, part of the electrolyte was taken away, and part of the electrolyte was collected. Avoid high temperature due to phase(aluminum oxide sandblast media). Make preparations for electricity supply, draw electrolytes in place and rely on human sugar, and prepare for full electricity charging.(high quality garnet 120 mesh suppliers indonesia)

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