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High Quality Garnet Supply Portugal

Among the oxide films formed by the three system forming solutions(brown fused alumina for sale), the adipic acid forming solution system has the most oxide film defects, while the acid forming solution system has the most oxide film defects. least. On the other hand, the heating makes the hydrate dehydrated into oxide(steel grid). However, if the current density is too large, it will cause intense high temperature oxidation to form a film.

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In order to overcome the defects of hydrated oxide film and oxide film cracking(white fused alumina), additional treatment steps to improve the performance of the oxide film are required after the oxide film is formed. There are roughly the following methods for the treatment process: Conversely, at a higher current density, an amorphous form with less water content is formed(brown fused alumina grit). The oxide film formed by the liquid is good.(high quality garnet supply portugal)

Usually one of the purposes of pre-treatment is to make the surface state of the aluminum box as pure as possible(brown fused alumina price). This operation is repeated 1 Satisfactory results can be obtained after 4 times. This is because on the one hand, the defect is thermally expanded by heating, and then the current is suddenly applied to form it(white fused alumina abrasives). Moreover, the structure of the barrier oxide film is greatly affected by the forming current.

(high quality garnet supply portugal)For example, in order not to affect the quality of the formed foil(white aluminum oxide), with this method, the leakage current value of the aluminum box is almost one-tenth of that of the aluminum box without heat treatment. When the aluminum box is about to be formed, stop the power supply for a short time, and then feed the power again, repeating several times(glass bead blasting media suppliers), to a certain extent, the expected purpose can be achieved.

Therefore, in order to increase the corrosion rate and the corrosion rate, sometimes a small amount of impurities are intentionally mixed in the production of aluminum fan(white aluminium oxide). The disadvantage of this forming liquid system is that the oxidation film has poor anti-hydration ability, especially the low-pressure tank(80 grit aluminum oxide). It is to heat the formed material for a short time at a temperature of 450 to 550 ℃, and then form it again.(high quality garnet supply portugal)

Sometimes it is also used to reduce the applied voltage to a certain value, and then restore the original applied voltage value after a period of time(black aluminum oxide). Of course, the formation of a low pressure tank can also be used, but the quality of the oxide film formed by this is not as good as other formations(100 grit aluminum oxide media). But at this time, the efficiency of film growth is low, and the capacitance that can be obtained by the corrosion box is small.

(high quality garnet supply portugal)But the current density is very small(white corundum), and the combination proceeds slowly at a lower temperature, and the oxidation produces alumina or a water-like amorphous with high water content. The aluminum box must be pre-treated before anodizing to form a dielectric film. Due to its high resistivity and high flash voltage(garnet abrasive), the formation liquid of Li acid system is usually used for the formation of a pressure tank (above 200V).

As for the pretreatment of various intermediate current densities, mixed oxides are generated(pink aluminum oxide). When the formation is about to be completed, the aluminum box is diffused in the formation liquid containing arsenic acid or tartaric acid to remove hydrate, and at the same time, the cracked part will be opened and formed again(aluminum oxide grit). There is also a thin barrier layer between the aluminum surface and the porous layer.(high quality garnet supply portugal)

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