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The calculation results of different schools are quite different(brown fused aluminum oxide). The verification of these calculation formulas, in the final analysis, needs to be realized by accurate temperature measurement technology. With the improvement of measurement technology, the realization of quantitative analysis of microstructure change of surface layer(wholesale brown fused alumina), and the complementation of the two aspects, it is possible to obtain the real friction temperature.

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The solution of this problem will have great influence on friction theory and wear mechanism and bring new breakthrough(white aluminium oxide). It can be seen that in the plastic deformation zone, a highly deformed layer is formed near the surface, the microstructure is strongly refined, the orientation is significantly improved, and the streamline is almost parallel to the surface(high purity fused aluminum oxide). These areas will produce microcracks under cyclic loading and become the source of fatigue wear.(high quality green silicon carbide factory germany)

At the depth of 5um, the cellular structure has been completely formed, and the cell size is about 1-3m(glass bead blasting media suppliers). According to the corresponding relationship between them, the friction force can be expressed by plastic deformation work, where four represent the contact width, represent the depth of deformation layer, P represent the material density, e represent the deformation work per unit volume(black silicon carbide suppliers), and e represent the average value of deformation work.

(high quality green silicon carbide factory germany)In the microstructure analysis of the plastic deformation layer, it can be found that the dislocation structure changes dramatically(black corundum). After a long distance of sliding friction, that is, the thickness of the highly deformed layer tends to be constant. For example, the dislocation structures at different depths can be seen in the friction surface layer of low carbon steel(white fused aluminum oxide), which represents the dislocation of the original material before friction.

During the Mo Wei process(pink corundum), the dislocation structure at the depth of 15 PM has changed obviously, and many narrow bands with high dislocation base can be seen, which are the core of small angle grain boundary caused by mode deformation. The effect of this comprehensive effect on the microstructure and properties of the friction surface layer is rarely studied(brown fused alumina factory), but it is undoubtedly a very important issue for the study of friction and wear mechanism.(high quality green silicon carbide factory germany)

The dislocation cell size in the surface layer is smaller, and it is elongated along the sliding direction and even broken(garnet abrasive). The temperature in the contact region may exceed the phase transition point, and the critical point will move under plastic deformation. The temperature gradient in the surface layer will promote the formation of new phase(brown fused alumina suppliers), the surface deformation layer will reach the implicit state, and the friction process will also cause the diffusion of elements.

(high quality green silicon carbide factory germany)In the periodic motion, the dislocation cell walls will form stress concentration, especially those perpendicular to the sliding direction(garnet suppliers). If the temperature effect of friction process is considered at the same time, it can be imagined that the change of microstructure and properties caused by plastic deformation must be affected by the friction temperature and the process of recrystallization will occur(steel grid). The number is few and the distribution is uniform.

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