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High Quality Green Silicon Carbide Suppliers South Korea

The application and progress of new high-quality binders, new technologies, new processes, new equipment, and new materials(black silicon carbide suppliers). Investment casting is also called investment casting and lost wax casting. The lost wax casting method in ancient my country has been recorded in the literature of the Tang Dynasty, and many descriptions and records have been made(white fused alumina suppliers). The world lost wax casting technology appeared more than 4000 years ago.

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It is a near-net-shape liquid metal forming process(pink corundum). Each casting obtained by this process is the result of a variety of processes, materials, and technologies. In recent years, certain progress has also been made in the mechanization and automation of shell making(wholesale brown fused alumina). This fully shows that my country's lost wax casting technology and smelting process have been highly developed at that time, and then pouring to obtain castings.(high quality green silicon carbide suppliers south korea)

Investment casting is to repeatedly dip several layers of refractory coating (slurry) on the surface of the fusible (soluble) mold, and after sanding, drying and hardening layer by layer(black corundum). A casting method in which the investment mold is melted to form an integral shell, which is then burnt and poured at high temperature to obtain a casting(aluminium oxide blasting grit). Inscription, then mix with fine soil and charcoal, and gradually coat the thickness to several inches on the outside.

(high quality green silicon carbide suppliers south korea)Investment casting in our country was introduced from the former Soviet Union in the late 1950s (water glass binder shell making process), and began to be used in industrial production(white alumina). After decades of vicissitudes, he worked in investment casting in my country(buy brown fused alumina). In the joint efforts of the developers and the application practice of the production technology of the precision casting enterprises, more progress has been made.

In the past two decades, my country’s lost wax casting technology, according to research by archaeologists and foundry workers(brown fused aluminum oxide), the wax used in ancient lost wax casting is mostly made of butter and yellow wax (beeswax), and then hand-carved objects. After drying and hardness, apply firepower to the outside to make the oil wax melt and flow clean(white fused aluminum oxide). It can give full play to the technical advantages and competitiveness of investment casting.

The most dry application of lost wax method is West Asia (Sumerian), ancient China(white fused alumina), Egypt and India. During the Second World War, due to the needs of the development of the defense industry, the aviation industry first adopted investment casting methods to produce jet turbine engine blades, turbochargers, etc(high purity fused aluminum oxide). with complex shapes, precise dimensions, high surface quality requirements, and difficult machining Castings.(high quality green silicon carbide suppliers south korea)

and quickly developed widely in other industrial sectors, becoming an important precision casting method(white aluminum oxide). Since the beginning of the 21st century, the quality, output value, and output of investment precision casting all over the world have increased and improved(brown fused alumina suppliers). The current investment precision casting industry is developing in the direction of precision, complexity, large-scale, and integral casting of parts, it is heated by steam or hot water.

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