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High Quality Pink Alumina Manufacturers Canada

With the development of modern science and technology, the precision requirements of machine parts have been increasing. aluminum oxide abrasive is widely used for rough grinding of ordinary steels, such as: carbon steel, general alloy steel, malleable cast iron, hard bronze and so on. It is used to manufacture ceramic and resin high-consolidation abrasives, as well as alumina grit grinding and polishing.

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In order to ensure the design performance of the product, it is required that the brown fused alumina workpiece not only has a smooth working surface, but also requires extremely high dimensional accuracy, geometric shape accuracy and mutual position accuracy. For example, brown corundum grinds a 10 mm 0 gauge block. Its center length and the non-parallelism error of the two planes can reach 0.05 micrometers. Brown corundum can also be widely used in the manufacture of advanced refractory materials.

(high quality pink alumina manufacturers canada)For such high precision requirements, although the current level of 80 grit aluminum oxide grinding technology is constantly improved, advanced grinding technologies such as mirror surface grinding, micro-feed automatic detection and projection magnification are used, but they still cannot meet the precision requirements, and can only be achieved by white alumina grinding purpose. After mixing, stir at a constant speed of 400 rpm for 10 minutes, and then grind the stirred material with a three-roll mill for 3 hours.

However, this cannot be achieved with the grinding process. Fine torch brown aluminum oxide is suitable for manufacturing ceramics, resin high-consolidation abrasives, grinding and polishing. Compared with grinding, brown corundum grinding uses finer abrasive grains, the relative movement speed of the workpiece and the black corundum grinding tool is slow, and the chips removed are smaller and smaller. Only the thin surface layer of the workpiece is ground.(high quality pink alumina manufacturers canada)

The mixing device includes a mixing tank 2 and a mixing device may be provided in the mixing tank 2. The aluminum oxide abrasive media mixing device may be a mixer 1; the sorting device includes a sorting screen 5 for screening the raw liquid stream 3, and a sorting tank 8 located at the lower end of the sorting screen 5. A vibrating screen can be used for the sorting screen 5. The silicon carbide abrasive vibrating screen is driven by the vibration motor 6 and the vibration spring 7 to vibrate the sorting screen 5.

The discharge port of the brown aluminium oxide mixing device is placed on the upper part of the sorting screen 5; The sedimentation barrel 12 of 9 and the mixer 11 for stirring in the sedimentation barrel 12; the sorting barrel 8 communicates with the sedimentation barrel 12; the dispensing device includes an overflow barrel 18 containing fine sand particles and a flow separation barrel 16 of qualified sand particles. The flow barrel 18 is in communication with the upper part of the sedimentation barrel 12, and the flow green silicon carbide separation barrel 16 is in communication with the lower part of the sedimentation barrel 12. Therefore, accurate and precise processing can be achieved.

(high quality pink alumina manufacturers canada)The corundum abrasive lower part of the stirring barrel 2 is provided with a first liquid flow pipe 4 with a valve connected to the sorting screen 5; A second liquid flow pipe 10 provided with a valve is connected to the sedimentation barrel 12; an upper portion of the sedimentation barrel 12 is provided with a valved overflow pipe 14 connected to the overflow barrel 18, and a lower portion of the sedimentation barrel 12 is provided with a valved first The three-liquid flow pipe 15 is connected to the aluminum oxide grit diverter bucket 16. 

Passing the sand particles with a mesh capacity of less than 16um in the sorting sieve can filter out the large-grained brown fused alumina price, and then sort out silicon carbide suitable for grinding silicon wafers. The method for preparing corundum thermal insulation mortar is: mixing corundum, cement, oil foot, aluminum oxide, alcohol ether syrup according to the weight kg ratio, stirring at 900 rpm for 3 minutes, taking out, and then with the remaining black silicon carbide raw materials.(high quality pink alumina manufacturers canada)

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