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High Quality Pink Alumina Manufacturers Colombia

Remember that pink corundum sand and other products are not stacked together with other toxic and harmful substances or pollutants Do not put it together with other pollutants with unstable chemical properties to avoid unnecessary injury It shall not be stacked or stored in the open air, and shall be dust-proof and pollution-proof. The general shelf life of the white alumina product is ten years.

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Generally, when storing the black corundum sand, it is also said that it is mostly packed in woven bags. Therefore, when packing, it is necessary to pay attention to the weight of each bag of brown corundum sand, so as not to break the packing bag too heavy. Generally, each woven bag should be packed with 25kg brown corundum sand. The storage of high-purity brown corundum sand shall be separated from other ordinary brown corundum sand to avoid the invasion of impurities.

(high quality pink alumina manufacturers colombia)The above are some storage methods of brown fused alumina sand for your sharing. Of course, some corundum sand should be stored according to the specifications. I hope you can pay more attention to the storage of corundum sand in the future. Please read the above storage methods carefully. The above contents are for reference only. The price of silicon carbide abrasive is high and its quality is good and bad. Many users will have two buying psychology.

High price, good product. Low price guarantees the quality of products. One of the worst brown fused alumina price on the market is not clear about its bottom line, and the other is A-grade corundum. High price purchase of A-grade brown corundum, its product specifications are the same on the market. Low price can guarantee the quality of products. The green silicon carbide price is lower than the same product level on the market, and the quality can also be guaranteed. The problems need not be known.

(high quality pink alumina manufacturers colombia)It's not the responsibility of the brown aluminum oxide manufacturer to ensure the quality of the corundum after the user buys it back for use. I hope that the user who comes here to buy it is clear, the right price and the right product quality are what the user needs. Many manufacturers will advertise with ultra-low price and excellent corundum, but the cost and price of corundum are very expensive, because of the need of brown fused alumina manufacturer production Purchase raw materials and use of coal.

The cost of graphite electrode, electricity price, iron chips and other aspects, of which several kinds of white corundum prices are also known to you. The cost has been rising, so can the price be kept down after the completion of production? Good quality is the king. If users need long-term cooperation, as long as they agree with our products, the price can be discussed again, but they will not give up a lot, at least they will be more preferential than the black silicon carbide market. If you don't know the price or other questions, please contact us.(high quality pink alumina manufacturers colombia)

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