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High Quality Pink Aluminium Oxide Price Turkey

Today we will talk about the differences between the three corundums of black corundum, brown corundum and white corundum. Black fused alumina, also known as black silicon carbide, has good hardness, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. It has great similarities with brown fused alumina, but its application range is very different. Black fused alumina can be used on the surface of steel, hardware, aluminum and other components. polishing. Processing materials are also available. Brown corundum has high hardness, good wear resistance, good flexibility and high density.

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Brown fused alumina can be applied to the grinding and grinding. The addition of brown fused alumina can produce high-grade refractory materials, as well as sandpaper that can be seen in daily life. It is also made by processing brown fused alumina. The wear resistance of white corundum is similar to that of white aluminium oxide, brown corundum. Its different characteristics are small size, high density and high corrosion resistance. Another reason is that the friction coefficient of diamond and metal in the absence of lubricating fluid is extremely low, only 0.05.(high quality pink aluminium oxide price turkey)

Different functions, different scope of use, please carefully understand the difference between the three types of corundum before buying and then purchase corundum as needed. The key is to solve the problem of precision machining of hard alloys - grinding. In the past, when only silicon carbide abrasive grinding wheels were used, the hard alloys were rarely cracked without being burned after being ground. Later, some industrial advanced countries have used black silicon carbide grinding wheels to process hard alloy products, which solved this problem and promoted the use of cemented carbide.

(high quality pink aluminium oxide price turkey)The application range of white corundum is: ceramics production, glass production, consolidation of various resin-type abrasive tools, polishing of small parts and other brown aluminum oxide abrasive tools. Using diamond as an abrasive to grind hard alloy parts, the main reason is that the abrasive strength and hardness are large, the sharp edge is sharp, the condition for removing thin chips is improved, the grinding force is reduced, and the grinding area is improved. The heat source strength decreases. Therefore, the stability of green silicon carbide is very good.

The current development is the brown fused aluminum oxide manufacture and application of cubic tantalum nitride. Although cubic boron nitride is slightly inferior to diamond in hardness and strength, it can work at higher temperatures. The maximum grinding temperature that the diamond wheel can withstand is 80,000, while the cubic boron nitride wheel can withstand 1380 °C. Cubic boron nitride has no obvious reaction to iron alloy at high temperature. Therefore, the grinding effect is better than arc fused alumina when grinding high speed steel.(high quality pink aluminium oxide price turkey)

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