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High Quality Pink Fused Alumina Factory Canada

However, after arriving at the small factory, the casting was ZG25(pink aluminium oxide), and the exporting party did not understand the production process of ZG25, and the importing party was eager for the other party to solve the problem. Therefore, it took a long time to enter the production of ZG25 castings, due to various reasons, which resulted in a lot of losses(aluminum oxide 24 grit). The substantial increase in production exposed that the equipment had no stamina.

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Lost foam casting technology is made of foam plastic (EPS, STMMA or EPMMA), which is exactly the same as the structure and size of the casting(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Therefore, the following problems must be seriously considered in the lost foam casting process. If you want to increase the production capacity, the equipment can't do what you want, but you can't remove it(aluminum oxide polishing grit). Type of equipment and production of wear-resistant parts, plates and pipe fittings.

(high quality pink fused alumina factory canada)After the completion of 1 / 3 task, there was no casting production task, so the machine was shut down to wait for the task(black silicon carbide powder). Factors of production development should be considered: when the EPC production line is put into operation, there is no room for production development. It's a pity that you can't go on the production line with large production capacity(aluminum oxide 20 grit). If you want to enter, you can't retreat, and you have to spend some time.

They have visited some lost foam casting plants or nearby production workshops, especially those using simple lost foam casting(black corundum). For example, several enterprises have gone on the EPC production line and introduced the production of pipe fittings and wear-resistant parts. Originally, one or two shifts were considered(aluminum oxide 16 grit). After that, the demand for accessories in this area increased rapidly, and two or three shifts of production were needed.(high quality pink fused alumina factory canada)

It is not suitable to use lost foam casting process for castings such as low chromium cast iron grinding ball and low chromium cast iron grinding ball with lost foam casting process(brown fused alumina grit). Due to the slow cooling rate of dry sand, the hardness and wear resistance of castings can be improved only by quenching and normalizing, labor and time-consuming(aluminum oxide sandblasting grit), but the performance is inferior to that of metal mold casting grinding ball.

(high quality pink fused alumina factory canada)Some people are engaged in sand mold foundry(brown fused alumina price). They think it is simple and convenient. A cast hard shell made of metal mold can be obtained by grinding the ball surface and the size of the carbide is evenly distributed. The corresponding grinding balls can be obtained. Two low cost can be used as cast normalizing or fog quenching to reduce the cost(high purity alumina price). The cost of the foam pattern 0.03~0.04 yuan /g can be dispensed with.

A factory on a 3000t/ cast steel lost foam production line, affecting the shape of deformation(silicon carbide abrasive powder), cooling treatment capacity is insufficient, the foam pattern can buy EPS packaging material scrap or plate to cut and process gluing, paint self-made, three dimensional vibrating table made(aluminum oxide 320 grit), vacuum pump purchased, invested in lost foam production, after a half a year after rewinding, still repurchased EPC casting machinery and white area foaming.

Some factories use EPC to produce different kinds of cast iron motor casing and oil pump body with small batch(white alumina). Some small and medium-sized foundry factories often have the above situation in the production process of EPC at random, which can not reflect the advantages and characteristics of EPC process(aluminium oxide powder). Complex large castings, mold manufacturing is more complex, high cost, a mold a casting, one-time investment is more.(high quality pink fused alumina factory canada)

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